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By — Jan 13, 2012 9:40am
Hello every one. this is maddys Grandma Bonnie giving all the people involved in her recovery. She had a appointment yesterday at Gilette Childrens Hospital. The Dr. has given the all go to do anything. They all said she is amazing. She has fun seeing all her nurses and friends and the Dr. She new all their names. They commented on her haircut and a few blonde highlights. She has to where her helmet if she rides her bike or anything that might be dangereous. The first thing she did when she got home was ride her bike. Wow! She is so active and bubbly and sings and smile when she comes home from school. Her and her sister and brother sometimes do lots of sleepovers at Grandpa Scott and Grandma Kathys. Merrick mostly rather stay here and play xbox. They also like going to Uncle Jason and Aunt Rachel. Also they went during Christmas break and stayed withe Aunt Jamies. We still believe if it was not for number one God, family, friends, and a lot of prayers and support from every one involved in her recovery things could be different. Things are going great. A special thank you to Darryl and Janet Seward with all their kindness and friendship. It is a long road to recovery, every second, every minute, every day. All of you who have family members who have be injured keep up your faith, i really believe miracles and prayers work. God Bless all of you. Grandma Bonnie.