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By — Sep 7, 2011 12:25pm
Hello Everyone. Grandma Bonnie checking in. Maddys 1st day in a new school. She came home and said she talked to over 100 people, Her sister and brother have already made some new friends. they will always have their Braham friends. Maddy always has such a beautiful smile and good humor. Their are a few things she cant do but minor stuff, We thank God every day for keeping her with us. The whole family is still adjusting living with us. I wish their was some way they could of kept their house, but it wasnt possible. If any one ever knows of a house that they could live in please respond. We enjoy having them here, but it is hard for 10 people to live in a 3 bedroom house. We are doing the best we can. So far so good.. Gilette is sending them tickets to go see the Twins. I hope she gets to see her favorite player Joe Mauer. I will keep updates as much as I can. Keep your prayers going. God Bless, Grandma Bonnie.