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Macy’s Story

We found out at 20 weeks pregnant that Macy has a heart defect where one chamber of her heart does not work. She had her first surgery on June 13, 2006. It went very well. The last one will be August 29th.

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Macy's defect is called Double Inlet Left Ventricle. She has done miraculously well since birth. She could have had one heart surgery at birth called a band procedure, but did not need it! She came home early from the NICU. Anytime she reached a fork in the road, God chose the easier path for her. She past her first birthday very uneventfully, which is a blessing! She would love to have your continued prayers, even in the years to come for continued good health. She will need the prayers long after her last surgery!

In the links, you can check out a great website that explains Macy's defect better than I can.

Latest Journal Update


A lot has happened in Macy's life since I last posted. First of all, she turned THREE on September 29th! I cannot believe she is three. She potty-trained easily. Her development has improved a lot, verbally and physically. So much so that in preschool you can't even tell she was ever behind. Yes, I said preschool! Macy started at Mustard Seed Preschool with Mollie. She has the same teacher Mollie had in the three-year-old class and she just loves it. Preschool wipes her out though. She started the beginning of September and gradually she became more and more tired, until finally Chris said we needed to do something. I called her cardiologist who wanted to see her that week. She did an echo, EKG, etc, etc. It all came back looking wonderful, so she sent us home with a Holter monitor. It is basically an EKG that she wore for 24 hours to see how her heart was working during her daily activity. That came back fine, too. Macy got that off the afternoon of Halloween. That night she was too tired to go Trick-or-Treating, so I took Cole and Mollie while Chris stayed with Macy. He took her to get a donut, then home for an early bed. (The kids were sweet enough to split their candy with her, and they are still enjoying it.) Macy lays down all the time. She will lay down on the tile in the kitchen, the wood in the living room, or any other uncomfortable surface she is at when she feels the urge to rest. When it first started, it was cute. It was also nice when she asked to go to bed at 6:00. Now it just breaks my heart. We never really thought there was something wrong, but we wanted to rule out heart failure. Since everything with her heart is functioning as it is made to with no unusual overworking, it is pretty much out of Dr. Kavanaugh's hands, so she called Dr. Townsend (pediatrician extraordinaire), who scheduled an appointment for yesterday. She considered a few things, such as sleep apnea (which it most likely isn't), anemia, and thyroid problems. (**Nurse Laura called this afternoon. All the blood work came back fine.) Mostly, she thinks Macy is simply tired, even though preschool is just two, four-hour days a week. I asked her if I should keep her out some or altogether. She doesn't think so because, as she said, "What will she do when she goes to kindergarten? She will be in a coma." I guess she needs to build some endurance. It really brought back the reality that this is Macy. This is her normal. I can be more regimented with her naps and early bedtimes, but she will always be more tired from less activity, especially as she gets older. I am so thankful for her doctors that care for her. Dr. Townsend said Dr. Kavanaugh was very concerned as to what it might be. Macy is not just a number to them. That is very reassuring to me. It takes pressure off being her advocate.
Now for a quiz. Can you figure out Macy's vocabulary? Answers at the bottom.
What does she mean when she says:
high ream
hair mane
Here are a couple more rather unrelated happenings:
We moved to Nashville (from Franklin) in June.
We put our house on the market (oddly enough, also in June) to move back to the suburbs, probably getting some land this time.
Mollie turned 5.
Chris and I celebrated our ten year anniversary! He gave me a puppy.
Cole turned 8.
ice cream