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Maci’s Story

Maci was diagnosed with DIPG 2/22/2011. Just in case you missed the quick note any donations can be sent to The Maci Winebarger Donation Fund at Carter Bank & Trust P.O. Box 303 New Castle, VA 24127We have had a whole lot of questions about this and needed to clarify. Again, thank you.

Latest Journal Update


Sorry it has been so long since I have updated. Maci has adjusted well at school. She is even in the musical that is coming up at school in a month or so. Unfortunately, so am I. Her involvement means mom gets to be there on stage pushing her chair. Ugh! What we do for our kids...

Maci had he MRI the end of March. There were good and bad. The good first...the portion of the tumor they could not get to during surgery appears to have stopped growing. This is super because of what all it was pushing against. Now, the not so good...the lower portion they think is growing. She has another MRI in a week to see if it is. It was just a small amount but that small amount was also during chemo time. Praying and hoping for no more growth. Please also pray because she hasn't rebounded like we thought she would. Her balance is not as good as it was and the past couple weeks her steps while walking (with assistance of course) is not as good either.

Her sense of humor is great and she is eating really well right now. In fact, she is getting really hard to pick up with all the weight she has gained post-chemo. God give me strength. Both physically and emotionally.

Promise I will update as soon as we know anything from her MRI on the 2nd. Please pray, pray, pray!