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Lydia’s Story

I am Lydia

I am a cancer survivor
I was diagnosed with leukemia in Sept 2006
I was only 5
But I was Tough
I had lots of support from Family and Friends

I am 12 (soon to be 13) Now
And Doing Great

I am Lydia

My name is Lydia

I have been sick with Leukemia

I am really no different from you

I like going to the zoo

Reading Winnie the Pooh

And watching Zoboomafoo

You cannot catch Leukemia like the flu

It is something that stays inside of you

I was at school for only 3 days

Now I have been at home learning in my own ways

To make me better the doctors gave me many drugs

That made it easy for me to get sick from little old cold bugs

So until that was over I stayed home safe

At home with my mom keeping the faith

I used to have blond hair

But it fell out from the drugs that made me better

Which really didn’t seem fair

But it will grow back - of that I have no fear

Just like I knew that one day - I would be back here

So be my friend

And we can pretend

That I have been here each day

And then we can have fun and play


Latest Journal Update

7.5 Years Since Diagnosis

It is hard to believe it has been 7.5 Years since Lydia was diagnosed. But you only have to look at both kids and see how tall and grown up they are to be able to see the passage of time. 

--- Lydia had her oncology apt and every thing was great --so now instead of going every 6 months we are going once a year!!!!!

Catch Up On Lydia:

Lydia is now approaching 13 and is active in volleyball, basketball and likes to ski cross country and downhill.  She has turned out to be an avid reader and excels at math which is awesome since treatment has the potential to impact those areas.  Her greatly improved reading ability is due to all her super hard work which was the most awesome thing ever.  She is a leader and makes friends easily.  Lydia is wise beyond her years and has a generous heart.  She makes her mama and dad proud on a regular basis.

Catch Up on Travis:

Travis is almost 16 and doing great in school as well.  He runs track and cross country and this year received the most improve JV runner award in cross country.  As we speak he is learning how to drive and if mom and dad can survive the trauma of sitting in the passenger seat, he will turn out to be a good driver.  Travis has always had the most giving and gentle soul and as he grows taller (currently 6'1") he grows more compassionate.


Childhood cancer is an affliction that impacts the whole family.  I feel like many of Lydia's and Travis childhood years were tainted by either the treatment, post treatment recovery, and the PTSD that made its rounds through each of us.  There is not a lot you can do about it, but make your way through each phase and learn how to keep moving forward.  Always being grateful that we had a good outcome.

The good news is we are:

  • 7 years past first remission.
  • Lydia and Travis are both healthy and doing great
  • PTSD and the like are a thing of the past for all of us

I will attach picture from the UK trip as I previously promised and some recent ones too