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Lucas’s Story

Welcome to Lucas's Caringbridge website.  We first and foremost want to thank all the people who have attended and donated at the various benefits and fundraisers for our precious son.  We are sorry we couldn't be there, but want everyone to know how much your prescence meant to us all.  When Lucas was injured on Sept 2, 2009, our lives were changed forever.  We temporarily had lost our energetic and vibrant son to a tragic accident. Slowly over that past, almost three months, we are starting to get him back.  We only ask that you all please continue the prayers so that we may have him back 100% one day soon. Thank you so much.  Love always Chad Nicole and Luke.

Latest Journal Update


Today kicks of Brain Injury Awareness month!! Please support the foundations that raise money and provide help for people with Brain Injuries.  If it wasnt for the few places out there now, we wouldnt have had the wonderful resources that helped us fight for Luke.  We fight for Brain Injury Prevention for Luke.  He showed us all how to battle back from a Traumatic Injury like a Champion and now we need to work to protect others from ever having to go through something like that.  Wear helmets and proper sports equipment...use caution when driving, and remember...even concussions count as brain injuries. So PLEASE seek medical attention if you think you have any symptoms that could be a warning of injury to your brain!! Thanks to you all for your support! Love Nicole