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  • Written Mar 1, 2012 12:35pm

    Today kicks of Brain Injury Awareness month!! Please support the foundations that raise money and provide help for people with Brain Injuries.  If it wasnt for the few places out there now, we wouldnt have had the wonderful resources that helped us fight for Luke.  We fight for Brain Injury Prevention for Luke.  He showed us all how to battle back from a Traumatic Injury like a Champion and now we need to work to protect others from ever having to go through something like that.  Wear helmets and proper sports equipment...use caution when driving, and remember...even concussions count as brain injuries. So PLEASE seek medical attention if you think you have any symptoms that could be a warning of injury to your brain!! Thanks to you all for your support! Love Nicole
  • Written Feb 26, 2012 8:30pm

    Hello All! I am not entirely sure where I left off and what I left out.  So...I am going to fill you in on recent events...and my goal is to try to write at least once a week...If I can..more!

    SO...As things stand right now...Luke is doing great.  He is using his Walkaide...(We are still fighting to get it covered) But..Kate is super happy with how he walks in it...and Brian has it calibrated as good as it can get.  Some days it seems as though we battle the tone in that leg more than others, which effects has great it works, but it is an improvement nonetheless.  On March 8, we get to go to ACH and see Dr. Baird for a check up, the cool thing is that Kate and Brian are going to be there too!! All three of lukes "teammates" in one room.  So we will be able to look at how he is doing...and all weigh in on what steps to take next and how to handle specific issues! I am so excited for this.

    He is doing great in school...it seems as though something he takes a little longer to retain...but now that he is caught up and in the swing of things...he is keeping pace with the other kids amazingly well.  So my plan for the summer is to look at what things they will be introducing...and try to start about 6 weeks earlier...that seems to be the buffer zone...and if i work with him on those things a little earlier...he should right where he needs to be once the school year starts.  He is memorizing thing so well and learning so much...almost everyday i hear him recite something new or sing a new song or rhyme! I love it! He is also potty trained!! It was a long long battle...but we finally got there and we couldnt be more proud of him. 

    We are also looking forward to baseball season starting soon...it will mean exercise everyday, which is great for his body, leg, and mind, but it will also help burn off some of that extra energy he ALWAYS seems to have. 

    Also on the horizon, is a trip to NC.  Right after school gets out we are taking him and Lily to the Outer Banks, with Chads parents.  We took him there before, when he was little, so now we get to take Lily.  Also we took him in May of 2010...and he gained SO much balance then...when we got back from the trip...he no longer needed the walker...so we are hoping it will be theraputic again!

    A few weeks ago, we took ALL the stuffed animals (Collected from the Hit a Thon, Maplewood Elementary Kindergarten classes, Speedway, and Kennametal Orwell branch) to Akron Childrens. It was so nice to give them to ACH and they started delivering them to sick kids in the hospital right away! We also talked on the Radiothon and told Luke's story...and for the first time...Luke actually spoke about it! It was very touching and emotional, as always...but it felt great to be part of such an amazing event.  The raised of $700,000 that weekend!! We hope we will be able to continue to help them and have Luke become a bigger part of the things we do.  This year we are having the Hit a thon again..and hope to make it bigger and better!

    Other than that stuff...Luke is enjoying his day to day...being an amazing big brother..going to school..playing with his cousins and friends.  It is awesome how far he has come...and we just continue to pray that God keeps the healing going on in his precious brain. We thank you all SO much for you support...and hope you stay with us on Lukes journey! Talk to you soon! Love Nicole
  • Written Feb 4, 2012 1:08pm

    I know I am skipping a lot of things...and I didn't find the time to finish before...and I apologize yet again.  But we have wonderful news!!! First, We met with everyone at Luke's school involved with his care...and after a slow start he is flourishing wonderfully.  He has caught up with the things he was struggling with.  We are SO happy. Even more great news, After two and a half years, Luke is finally potty trained.  It has been something we have battled off and on for a long time, sometimes thinking something from the injury was causing an issue.  We had a week here or there where he would do awesome, and then revert back to needing his pull ups. Well no longer. Over Christmas vacation, he went the whole break in big boy pants.  Then he got sick again, which always makes things more difficult for his little brain...but once he was recovered we started working on it again.  So every weekend he would wear big boy pants and have no trouble.  In the meeting we told them how well he was doing and we made a plan to make the transition to wearing them ALL the time.  So last sat and sun we went all weekend no accidents....and monday started big boy pants at school.  Luke has successfully completed his first FULL week (7 days) of being completely potty trained with no accidents! It is so great to know that its one more things we snatched away from that nasty brain injury! God is great....and we thank him every day for how he as blessed and healed our little boy!! So i just wanted to fill every one in.  When i get a little more time I will fill in the rest. Thank you all for keeping up on how he is doing and as always we love to hear from you!! Love nicole

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