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  • Written Aug 15, 2008 7:06pm

    This will be my last journal update. Where to begin?

    I would like to thank each and every person we came in contact with at ST. John' hospital. From the doctors to the nurses, to the technicians and all the staff, you were all very caring, supportive and respectful of Louise and I. In short, you all should be very proud of the work you do.

    I would like to thank the hundreds of people who wrote in Lou's guest book. That helped keep us going. Also, I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to CaringBridge. The total sum of money will be significant. The flowers at the funeral home were beautiful. All in all, it was quite a testimonial to how much Lou was loved by so many.

    I would like to thank the Stich and Bitch ladies for being with her.She loved you dearly.

    After Lou died, I was not quite sure how well I and my children would hold up during her visitation and funeral. Hold up we did, thanks to the incredible support from other family members from Boston,in-laws and our dear neighbors and friends. The amount of people at tne visitation was incredible. The support at the prayer service and her burial gave us all strength. The Rev. Joanie Delamater was awesome in talking about Lou. I found myself saying amen over and over. Lou's final pool party was a smashing success. I, Tracy and Pat, Callie,Brian and Cora,Lee,Carrie,Kayla and Isabella ,Brett and Holly are tired but doing well thanks to all of you.

    Some random thoughts. Family is truly the most important thing on earth. Love them and cherish them each day.

    Neighbors. I have often said that god has always blessed us with good neighbors. Irene and Dave, Laurie and Bill,Tom and Penney, I truly love you.You made this journey so much easier. Reach out to your neighbors, invite them into your house, perhaps you will be as blessed as Lou and I were.

    Friends. Second to only family, they are important.Keep them and cherish them. During the last year and a half, many friends had came back into our lifes. I began to ponder this and started to call them our old friends. Why? Why would Lou and I let friends that we once laughed and cried with slip away from us? Perhaps we moved, became busy with our families and made new friends. I regret this. Do not let friends become old friends. Call them up, invite them to that next party or just have a cup of coffee with them.

    Lastly. I would like to share two stories with you. Our neighbor Irene has a small dog named Sparky------------ Lou had been reluctant to talk about her impending death and any details about it. On the Friday before she went into the hospital, I made her a Gin and Tonic and we sat out on the back deck. I finally said to her that we had to talk abou this. Slowly, she began to tell me she wanted a closed casket. Then she said she wanted to be cremated. She wanted no part of the church. She wanted family and friends to have roses. She agreed to a prayer service. After a little while, she began to tell me who she wanted for Pole Bearers. I gently told her that if she was to be cremated there would be no need for Pole Bearers. She then looked at me and said "Oh well just strap me on the back of Sparkie". I had not laughfed as hard as I did in almost two years. As I bent over to kiss her, she said "Gotcha". A stuffed dog that looks like Sparky stayed in her hospital bed.

    During our bed side vigil, Louise was pretty much asleep. She did wake up and recognize her sister. Late one night, as Irene, Laurie and I sat by her, she woke up and started to say The Our Father.We helped her finish it. We shall cherish that moment for the rest of our lives.

    Love Frank

  • Written Aug 9, 2008 8:48pm

    My journal entry this morning was rather short. I somehow could not say much more. Louise did loose her battle against cancer. However, truth be told, I and the doctors were somewhat shocked. We expected a slow but sure decline over a month or so. Not to be. Beginning on Sunday, she seemed to have really taken a turn for the worse. Even when we visited the doctor on Monday we expected her to bounce back. The positive part of this, was being in the hospital she was pain free. Our children,family and friends had ample time to say good buy. The out pouring of help,support and offers has been staggering.

    There will be a visitation at the Honsa Family Funeral Home on Tuesday from 4-8, followed by a prayer service on Wed at 11. Burial will be at the Lakeview Cemetery. We will have an open house at our house afterwards. Bring your bathing suits.Lou had been complaing the pool was not being used enough.

    Love Frank

  • Written Aug 9, 2008 4:37am

    Lou just passed away. At last no more suffering.

    Love Frank

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