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I am truely blessed that Logan has remianed cancer free BUT let me just say that I am sick and tired of him getting so sick so easily with everything that comes along!

He keeps getting cheated out of things that he is so excited about doing because he ends up sick all the time anymore!

We are to treat and act like any normal kid now BUT yet his immune system seems to just stand up and wave at all passing bugs!

He was tired at a scout campout over the weekend and then got up this morning with a 101.4 fever!

Couldn't get in at the doctors until 1:45 this afternoon and he tested positive for the flu! Flu type A. They said they have not had any of the B's yet.

This weekend was to be Connor's birthday sleep-over for his 10th birthday on the 27th but I have called and moved that to next Thursday since there is no school Thursday or Friday due to spring break.

Logan was to go to Madisonville with South's band for a band festival this Friday and he is really upset about missing that!

I am going to see what Thursday looks like for him and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE he won't have a fever for 24 hours prior and he can make the festival.

His excuse is dated for Monday but maybe he'll get a break and feel much better before then.

Every time he has gotten sick this year it has been around a time when something  fun and exciting was planned for him.....just stinks.

Please pray that he feels better soon because he is one wiped out young man right now!

The doctor said that the flu has not been making folks as sick as it usually does so some are not even going to the doctor and in the process they are spreading it like wildfire to everybody else...

Please leave your kids at home from school if they feel bad and please stay home from work if you feel bad...

I know some hate to mess up that perfect attendance but there are those people out there who just don't have the immune system to kick it the way most do. Then they end up down and out.

Thanks for prayers and thanks for listening to my whine...

Like I said, we are blessed but we sure need for Logan's spirits to be lifted and for him to stop getting all the junk out there so he can be a kid!

Thanks and God bless!

I am thankful for both my awesome sons!