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   This site has been created to help keep everyone updated on our father, Lloyd. He was in a tragic farming accident on Sunday, August 4th. If you are new to this site please start at the beginning of the journal as it will give you the best picture of how far he has come.

   Please continue to send your love, prayers, positive energy, and thoughts. Our family appreciates everyone's support over the last couple months and ask for you continued prayers - Dad is on the mend but still has a long way to go!


Matt Nahorn signed Lloyd's Guestbook.

So good to find an update in my email box this morning!  Thank you for posting.  I still hope to get together soon.   Read more

Denise Boycik signed Lloyd's Guestbook.

I am so glad for your progress! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you but your offspring says it all! I had the honor of dealing with your children in 4H when they ... Read more

Mindy Simms signed Lloyd's Guestbook.

It is just a blessing that you are doing so great. With God's love and your will power and strength you will get better and better each day. What a miracle. We will keep ... Read more

Joe & Tammy Linden signed Lloyd's Guestbook.

You truly are an inspiration to us all! The way everyone came together to help you and your family is a testimony of love and faith. May God continue to help all of you ... Read more

Gisela Akesson signed Lloyd's Guestbook.

You are such a fighter! Your story makes my eyes wet every time I think of it. Thank you for sharing this with us. Take care all of you. Your family and friends are ... Read more

Sandy and John Westfall signed Lloyd's Guestbook. is great to hear from you!! It has truly been a long hill you have climbed. I am sure you had your angels with you before, during, and with you now.😇 I am a ... Read more

Dianna Copley signed Lloyd's Guestbook.

So great to have an update from you! Our family continues to keep you and your family in our daily thoughts. Best wishes! Read more

Rachel McCarty posted a new journal entry, "This is Lloyd".

This is Lloyd. The kids thought it would be a good idea for me to post an update since it’s been so long and I’m feeling up to it now.It has been over five months ... Read more

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