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Liza’s Story

Liza was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer Dec 13, 2010. She completed chemo, radiotherapy and bilateral mastectomies in 2011. In December 2012 she was diagnosed with a recurrence, with brain and liver metastases. She has completed Gamma Knife for the brain lesions and is currently on oral chemo: Xeloda and Tykerb. She had a craniotomy in February 2015 for what turned out to be reactive scar tissue at the site of the formet brain metastasis, and a resection of a liver mass in July 2015.

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Latest Journal Update


well I must be tired. Sorry for the entry that was ended prematurely.
So I am currently in the middle of my round of testing.  I have undergone a brain MRI and echocardiogram in the past two weeks.  I am excited to report that my brain MRI was great.  No new tumors and the scarring and swelling around the old site is reducing in size. That was a big relief. I was worried as they changed my medication to something that doesn't go across the blood brain barrier. Knowing that made me fear that the cancer would have taken hold again in my brain.  I am hopeful that my impending CT scan of my body will go well. I have always been told that my brain will follow how the rest of my body is doing i.e if my brain is good my body probably is too.  Lets all hope that is the case.  My next CT will be scheduled for the next few weeks.  And I will get the results of my echocardiogram tomorrow.  Getting those results will alleviate my fears for another month or so.  Herceptin wasn't so kind to my heart originally so I am hoping that I can avoid that fate the second time around.  Only time will tell.

My other big stress is that I just found out my oncologist who has been treating me since the beginning is leaving her practice.  Her reasons are sound and I wish her all the best.  It does leave me in a bit of a pickle.  I now have to find a new oncologist who I entrust my life with.  Easier said than done.  You have a whole list of things you would like in your doctor and you have to weigh those out with the realities of life; where are they located, what is their expertise, how many patients do they have, and what hospital are they affiliated with to name a few.  I have a little over a month to find a new oncologist and have already begun my search. I expect I will meet with at least 2 prospective oncologists before I make a decision.  I know in the end I will be ok and that I will have a competent oncologist.  It is just hard to wrap my head and heart around someone else.  It is not easy trusting someone with your life and my stage 4 cancer status makes it all the more difficult.My current oncologist has been with me from my diagnosis and knows every little detail about my cancer journey.  No one will know me as well as she does.  I just have to have faith that the next person will know what is best for me.  It might take a while but I am sure that I will again be comfortable with my new team.  Funny how you don't know how good you have it until you have to make a change.  I just assumed my oncologist would be around to treat me.  I laugh at myself for making such an assumption.  If anyone knows that you can't see the future it is me.  I have gotten used to taking everything day to day.  I hadn't noticed that I had taken my wonderful cancer team for granted.  

So that is the update until I get more results.  Thanks for sticking with me.
In a totally selfish plea I am going to post the link to my  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer fundraiser page.  I am currently the second biggest fundraiser for the event in Seattle and really would like to stay there. Any contribution helps.  this walk means more and more to me each year I am around to participate. So this year I have actively been soliciting funds.  Thank you to any and all who contribute.  



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angela junkins
By angela junkins
Continued prayers for you from Alabama.
Margie Medd
By Margie
Great news - continuing to send you positive vibes and support!