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Liza’s Story

Liza was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer Dec 13, 2010. She completed chemo, radiotherapy and bilateral mastectomies in 2011. In December 2012 she was diagnosed with a recurrence, with brain and liver metastases. She has completed Gamma Knife for the brain lesions and is currently on oral chemo: Xeloda and Tykerb. 

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Latest Journal Update

small reflection

Liza here-

Living with cancer sucks.  It changes everything.  But it also has made my life better. I know that sounds weird.  But I just experienced something that got me to thinking.  I was/am doing laundry.  My littlest one, Caoilinn, decdied she wanted to help me.  As I watched her put her whole head into the dryer to get the clothes, I smiled and was happier than I have been in a long time.  I found myslef wanting to freeze that moment in time.  She took such joy at doing what most of us deem a chore.  She was so happy to be helping her mommy do the laundry.  And that filled me with joy.  I realized that prior to cancer, I wouldn't have enjoyed this moment in the same way.  Cancer has made me take notice of all the little things, and to appreciate them.  It is the one gift living with cancer has given me. The ability to find joy in the little things. To love my kids all the more.  To know that I am happy being at home, being a mom and a wife.  My life is a gift.  Every day I have is a gift.  

I had been in a dark space lately. We have been through alot.  I guess I am healing from our most recent experience on the medical front.  Because I can find joy in places I may not have before.  I feel like I am coming back again.  

In that one moment, my youngest daughter reminded me of all that I have, and how lucky I am .  

Cancer sucking is an understatement. But in this year where I have promised I would work on reframing things, it has also given me the ability to feel more.  I am more aware of the small things that matter. It has made me take notice of them.  For that, I am greatful.  
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8 Comentarios

Kirsten Crowley
By Kirsten Crowley
Liza you are in my heart and prayers every day. What a beautiful reminder to me to find joy in every moment.
Vickie Evanger
By Vickie Evanger
Your an amazing person Liza! And as an optimist... I love the way you could find YOUR silver lining, as difficult as that might be.

I think of you often & if you are ever up for it would love to see you out at the field for a quick hello!!
Pam Frost
By Pam Frost
What an amazing insight! You being present in that moment and noticing your daughter's joy is inspiring to us all. Life really is a series of small joys. It's up to us whether or not we take notice. Thanks for the reminder!
Milo I
By Milo I
and I came over to pray for many many more beautiful moments on this blessed day.
Ruth Bach
By Ruth
Dearest Liza,
Your thoughts remind me as well. I know I have looked at life very differently since my own dealing with that sucky disease, and it is always good to revisit how I look at my own day to day doings. Yes, it surely is the small things always.....
Lots of love to you and your sweet family,
Patrick Barry
By Patrick.
You continue to amaze and inspire Liza!
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angela junkins
By angela junkins
Continued prayers for you from Gadsden, AL.
Jenelle Dent
By Jenelle Dent
Liza, your words amaze me and put a lot of life's little things in perspective! I want you to know I am following your journey and thinking about you and your family. Your strength through your cancer fight is truly inspirational. Hugs!
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