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It been about a year

Liza here-

so it has been just over a year since my metastatic disease diagnosis. I recently underwent my routine every 3 month brain MRI, heart echo and full body CT scan.  It was great news.

My echo shows that my heart function is up to about 50%. That is actually up 5% and is in the normal zone.  This is great because it gives me some wiggle room if and when I need to change my heart meds.  I don't  know what is responsible for this improvement (time, meds, or my recent work outs ) but it doesn't matter. I will take it.

My brain  MRI remains the same as it was just after my treatment with gamma knife and I have no new tumors.  This is very very good.  There is very little evidence that I even had two brain tumors.

My most recent CT scan came back with these words: 
Liver- previously described hepatic nodules are no longer seen. No new lesions identified. Best news ever.  

so we are celebrating for now.  I will continue on with my current regimen of meds. They have their side effects; my toes will never be the same, I own more hand and foot creams than anybody I know, I have really bad acne and I suffer more from fatigue than I like to admit. But it is all worth it.  The drugs are doing their job. I am alive and doing very well one year after the cancer was discovered in my brain and liver.  I have done better than the statistics indicated I would.  That fact is not lost on me.  I will endure all the side effects I have to in order to continue to enjoy life with my family and friends. 

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. They really mean everything to me. And keep them coming.  I am planning on hanging around for a very long time but can use all the well wishes you can give me.  

Here is to 2014 and many more years to come