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A bit of good news

Liam here:

So Liza had a brain MRI the other day, to follow up on the Gamma knife procedure she went through in December. We had been advised that the tumors would still be visible, maybe even a little bigger. Something they call "treatment effect." Basically it's analogous to scarring. We were also told to expect some new mets to be visible, since the presumption is there were some that were too small to see on the first scan and they would have grown a bit while the chemo was just getting started. (There's some debate over whether the chemo does much for the brain mets.)

Anyway, the results were GREAT. Far better than we had been led to expect. The radiation oncologist was almost elated. There were NO new lesions, and the previously seen ones had essentially melted away. Seriously, if you didn't know where they had been in the first place, you might not have noticed anything at all. So this was a complete success -- 99th percentile level response, according to the doctor.

We are pretty happy. It's nice to get some good news for a change! 

So currently we are fighting with the insurance company to get approval for follow-up CT and PET scans of the body to see whether the chemo is doing its job on the liver mets. More imminently, though is that we are off to Mexico tonight for a week on the beach.