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Liam here

Not much to report. Liza is doing well on the meds. She has a lot of fatigue but is remaining fairly functional.

The main reason for this post is that I've had a lot of people express interest in helping out the family in whatever way they can. We are very open to that, but it's a bit tricky figuring out a) what our needs are and b) how to coordinate.

The good news is that we have got some time to figure this out. Our needs right now are minimal as Liza is feeling good and I am not working too much. However, over time I am sure that there will be more of a need, depending on how things go. We are very aware that we are running a marathon, not a sprint. Hopefully it will be a very *long* marathon! 

What I have done is enable a function called "SupportPlanner." You can see the link in the menu bar above and also in the "My Story" section. Basically, we will put up events or tasks as we need them, and you can see and sign up for them. Unfortunately, I think you have to create a CaringBridge ID to use this feature. Right now the main items there are transporting kids to & from soccer or swimming, and some babysitting. However, February is looking much busier as we have a lot of stuff going on, a lot of medical tests, and I am working more. In the future, I can see meals, cleaning, and laundry being items that we might ask for, though for the moment we are OK on that front.

One note on meals: from our previous go-around on the cancer ferris wheel we realized that people really seem to enjoy and value making our family dinner, and, frankly, we liked it a lot, too! However, all I ask is that you PLEASE check with me or Liza before coming by with a nice hot meal. Text me or email me at ltyore (at) mac dot com. It happened several times that a friend would drop by with a spontaneous hot meal when we already had dinner on the table. Awkward! 

I will say that this is something of a challenge for us. Liza and I both have a mortal dread of imposing on people. We hate to ask for help and we hate the thought of not being self-sufficient. However, there are two compelling reasons that we are putting this out there. The first is the reality that at times, we will need help. I hate to admit or acknowledge it, but there it is. This is not going away, and we are going to be living with cancer for a long time. So from time to time as treatment progresses, there will be some rough patches, and we will need help. The second reason is that I know most of you reading this know and love Liza (and tolerate me). It is very valuable to our friends and community to be able to express love and support, and this is a great way that you can fill that need.

Again, thanks to all for reading and for your support.