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  • Written Dec 16, 2010 1:08pm by Liam Yore

    Hanging out waiting for the radiation oncologist. Have an appointment with the medical oncologist later this afternoon. Trying to coordinate all these appointments with child care is the biggest hassle so far.

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  • Written Dec 16, 2010 2:05am by Liam Yore

    We got the pathology today. It was malignant, as we expected. To some surprise, the lymph nodes were negative, but the smallest one was biopsied and so, given their appearance on ultrasound, we anticipate this to be a false negative and that the nodes will ultimately be involved. 

    We also saw a breast surgeon at Evergreen Hospital. Given the size of the tumor and the multiple satellite lesions, breast conserving surgery would probably not be feasible. Thus when appropriate, modified radical mastectomy would probably be the surgical treatment. She was suprisingly optimistic that a cure is feasible with surgery alone, though due to the size of the tumor, the anticipated lymph node involvement, and Liza's age, chemo and radiation will also be recommended.

    We will be seeing a medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist tomorrow. We will also be seen by a multi-disciplinary team on Dec 28 at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. We have not decided where to get treatment yet. The SCCA is justly renowned, but they are a long way away, and the travel could prove prohibitive. We will see what they have to say. We very much liked the surgeon, and she was very encouraging for us to go ahead and get a second opinion at SCCA.

    We are scheduled for a full-body bone scan on Monday, and also Abdomen and Chest CT scans -- this is to rule out any metastasis. If praying's your thing, this would be a good place to invest your intercessory efforts. We meet with a medical oncologist tomorrow and a radiation oncologist as well. We will be seen by the team at SCCA on the 28th.

    We're still pretty overwhelmed by the diagnosis. We have not told the kids yet, though will soon enough. We are holding together emotionally, with some effort. Liza and I are taking turns talking one another off of the ledge. 

    There's a lot more to come on this, and I will update this page regularly. We appreciate your positive thoughts and offers of help and even your prayers. Feel free to touch base with us directly, and thanks to all who already have done so. 

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