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  • Feb 6, 2014 6:44am

    Liza - I am so delighted by this wonderful news.  Please know that you truly are in my thoughts and prayers on pretty much a daily basis.  I celebrate the news of these recent reports.  Keep up doing everything you are doing: from the creams and lotions to the workouts.  Thank God for these wonderful medication advancements that have made such a difference - along with lots of prayers and love from many, many people who care deeply for you and your family.  Keep us posted.

    Randy Petty

  • Jan 27, 2014 6:35pm

    My dearest Liza - I can't even tell you how happy I am at your news.  I am so proud of your tenacity and strength.  I know sometimes you don't want to hear that but it's true.  I love you friend.  xoxoxoxo

    Rhea Cicale

  • Jan 23, 2014 5:00am

    Praise God for your recent post.  I think of and pray for you often.  You are an incredibly brave woman and I really admire you for all that you've been through.  I try to keep up with how you're doing through Debbie, but I didn't realize what great news you had!  God bless you and your family and I'll continue to pray that it's only good news from here on out! 
    Best wishes!

    Debbie Moeser

  • Jan 21, 2014 9:57am

    Awesome news Liza!!! You are an inspiration! My best to you and yours

    Mony Mehrotra

  • Jan 20, 2014 7:59pm

    Thank you for this update.  I am pretty sure that reading it just made my 2014!  Love to you and the clan!

    Ginny Eschbach

  • Jan 20, 2014 6:26pm

    This brings me immense joy! I'm so happy for you!

    Tory and Dana Johnson

  • Jan 20, 2014 4:23pm


    What beautiful news!!! We're so happy for you and your family!

    Love, Jay and Bernadette

    Bernadette Miklusicak

  • Jan 20, 2014 3:18pm

    This is the best news this year!Al and I pray for you all daily by name. And the light still burns before Our Blessed Mother Mary.
    Keep on keeping on! Much love from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Al

    Anne Yore-O'Dell

  • Jan 20, 2014 12:09pm

    What wonderful news Liza! I am SO happy to hear this.I'll still keep you in my prayers.

    Abbie Cort

  • Jan 20, 2014 12:07pm

    What a wonderful post to read Liza with all of your good news!  Love your determination and positivity!!!!  


  • Jan 20, 2014 11:49am


    This is exceptionally good news! (I have a penchant for the obvious :) ).

    You continue to inspire: truly!

    Patrick Barry

  • Jan 20, 2014 11:15am

    Liza, Barbie and I are very happy for the recent findings, we are very proud of your stenght and we send you the best thought we can have.  We hope this 2014 is even better in the way you feel and you can enjoy your wonderful family. 

    here is looking at you Liza

  • Jan 20, 2014 10:25am

    Dear Liza,
    What happy HAPPY news! My heart is filled with so much joy for all of you! More prayers and good thoughts coming your way! Hugs! ( :

    Angie Anderson

  • Jan 20, 2014 10:10am

    Best News Ever!  Sending bigs hugs of joy to you all!  Keep on keeping on, Lady!

    Suzette H.

  • Jan 20, 2014 10:08am

    Great news, Liza! You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.


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