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Liza’s Story

Liza was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer Dec 13, 2010. She completed chemo, radiotherapy and bilateral mastectomies in 2011. In December 2012 she was diagnosed with a recurrence, with brain and liver metastases. She has completed Gamma Knife for the brain lesions and is currently on oral chemo: Xeloda and Tykerb. 

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Latest Journal Update

quick update

LIza here-

Just a quick update. Met with the oncologist yesterday.  My CT scan was good. No My liver is good. Everything is stable.  This means I can stay on the treatment I am currently on.  It is keeping my stage 4 disease in check.  We went over how I had to get ready for my upcoming surgery.  I then went and did all the pre op tests that were necessary. I will see my oncologist in 6 weeks after I have recovered from surgery.  So now I go about life and wait until Feb 25th when  I will have my brain mapped for surgery. Then on the 27th, they will go in a take out my old tumor.  so on we go.  Thanks for your thought and prayers.
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Milo I
By Milo I
Liza, me and my cat pebbles came over and prayed too. and we also wished for a miracle. for all the nasties to go away forever.
Ginny Eschbach
By Ginny Eschbach
Liza, you are ever in my thoughts and in my heart! I cheer for you.
Patrick Barry
You continue to impress!!!
Jodee Fraser
By *Jodee Fraser
Liza! I had no idea that you were going through so much especially these past weeks. You always amaze me with your positive attitude and what an amazing mother you are. Praying for you and here to help if you need anything!!!
Suzette Hart
By Suzette Hart
Great news Liza!!!! Hugs and prayers to you as you keep moving forward.
Randy Petty
By Randy
Liza - Thanks for the update and the good news! Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday with your clan. You are in my thoughts daily!
angela junkins
By angela junkins
Will keep praying!
Lori Poliski
By Lori
Great news about your CT and liver! Enjoy the Super Bowl and your trip with your family...will be here to help however when you need it. xo
Ruth Bach
By Ruth (RuBa)
Thanks for the update. So glad all else is stable. Constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Lovelove.