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Liza was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer Dec 13, 2010. She completed chemo, radiotherapy and bilateral mastectomies in 2011. In December 2012 she was diagnosed with a recurrence, with brain and liver metastases. She has completed Gamma Knife for the brain lesions and is currently on oral chemo: Xeloda and Tykerb. 

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Liam Yore posted a new journal entry, "It been about a year".

Liza here-so it has been just over a year since my metastatic disease diagnosis. I recently underwent my routine every 3 month brain MRI, heart echo and full body CT scan. ... Read more

Randy Petty signed Liza's Guestbook.

Liza - I am so delighted by this wonderful news.  Please know that you truly are in my thoughts and prayers on pretty much a daily basis.  I celebrate the news of these ... Read more

Rhea Cicale signed Liza's Guestbook.

My dearest Liza - I can't even tell you how happy I am at your news.  I am so proud of your tenacity and strength.  I know sometimes you don't want to hear that but it's ... Read more

Debbie Moeser signed Liza's Guestbook.

Liza,Praise God for your recent post.  I think of and pray for you often.  You are an incredibly brave woman and I really admire you for all that you've been through.  ... Read more

Ginny Eschbach signed Liza's Guestbook.

Thank you for this update.  I am pretty sure that reading it just made my 2014!  Love to you and the clan!Ginny Read more

Bernadette Miklusicak signed Liza's Guestbook.

Liza,What beautiful news!!! We're so happy for you and your family!Love, Jay and Bernadette Read more

Anne Yore-O'Dell signed Liza's Guestbook.

PRAISED JESUS!!!ALLELUIA!!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!!This is the best news this year!Al and I pray for you all daily by name. And the light still burns before Our Blessed Mother ... Read more

Abbie Cort signed Liza's Guestbook.

What wonderful news Liza! I am SO happy to hear this.I'll still keep you in my prayers. Read more

lori signed Liza's Guestbook.

What a wonderful post to read Liza with all of your good news!  Love your determination and positivity!!!!   Read more

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