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  • Written Dec 4, 2007 11:32am

    Catching up---- My recovery is going well. Check ups have been good. The cardiologists will see me later this month. It feels good to be working somewhat and getting back into a routine. I have had lots of care and thoughtful people hanging around. Thank you!

    I have no memory of my cardiac arrest or that day and even have amnesia for two weeks prior. From waking in the hospital to recovering at home, much is a blur. If I saw you or talked to you, I may have forgotten. Sorry!

    Getting out is going pretty good considering I need a chauffeur everywhere. Thank you for all the rides and offers! Friends and family are such a blessing. Obviously, this past Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas are extra special to our family.

    Thanks again for the prayers and well wishes! Merry Christmas! See you around!

  • Written Oct 30, 2007 9:43pm

    Here's a note straight from Lisa--
    hello everyone! I am so touched by the mass amounts of notes to me in this website. Thank you SO much for all your kind, loving and prayer-filled messages. It is truly uplifting! All the prayers said were definitely answered as I am healing and going home on Wednesday. The whole situation was overwhelming, and I cannot remember very much at all. That's probably a good thing! Please call me or stop by my home! I am excited to see everyone! I send my love back to you all!
  • Written Oct 29, 2007 9:22pm

    Lisa is still making a miraculous recovery. Today she had a MRI of her head and her heart. The doctors believe they determined what caused the cardiac arrest so that won't continue to be a mystery. She also had her temporary pacemaker/defibulator replaced with a permanent one. She will still have to work on regaining more short-term memory, but she's up and talking and may get released from the hospital in a few days. Praise the Lord!!

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