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Lisa’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated about our loved one.

On Tuesday, October 23rd, Lisa suffered a cardiac arrest, not a heart attack as was originally thought.

Please use this website for updates rather than placing calls to the ICU at the hospital.

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Lisa was in her Chamber of Commerce office when a coworker called 911. The paramedics transported her to Waconia hospital. There they sedated her and then transported her to Abbott Northwestern. Her diagnosis was heart rhythm irregularity. A temporary pacemaker was implanted and also had her body artificially cooled. This was done to relieve stress on her body and brain. The doctors are planning to slowly warm her body while bringing her out of the sedation. Then the doctors will be able to proceed from there. She is currently in critical condition and all are hopeful for a full recovery. Please keep Lisa and her family in your prayers. Today is October 26 Lisa is doing well they did put her back to sleep yesterday because she was tring to do to much like sit up which is good that she was able to do that because that means she is making progress.The test showed no arteries being blocked and the doctors had a meeting with Greg so we don't know the latest up-date.That's all they did today she is just resting now but keep praying.

Latest Journal Update


Catching up---- My recovery is going well. Check ups have been good. The cardiologists will see me later this month. It feels good to be working somewhat and getting back into a routine. I have had lots of care and thoughtful people hanging around. Thank you!

I have no memory of my cardiac arrest or that day and even have amnesia for two weeks prior. From waking in the hospital to recovering at home, much is a blur. If I saw you or talked to you, I may have forgotten. Sorry!

Getting out is going pretty good considering I need a chauffeur everywhere. Thank you for all the rides and offers! Friends and family are such a blessing. Obviously, this past Thanksgiving and upcoming Christmas are extra special to our family.

Thanks again for the prayers and well wishes! Merry Christmas! See you around!