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Lisa’s Story

Lisa was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in the fall 2010. She has gone through 2 liver resections totally over 20 hours of surgery. Her treatment has also included 4 different types of chemo and steriotactic radiation three times. Her cancer has comes back 5 times in 8 different tumors, but recently she has gone 14 months without a recurrence. After changing her diet to gluten free her severe chronic hives have gone away. Please keep Lisa in your prayers because it is working.

Latest Journal Update

The Miracle Continues!

 We just received the results of Lisa's tumor markers and they continue to stay in the normal range!  The CA19-9 went down two points from 30 to 28, and the CEA stayed the exact value of  1.0.  Thanks to everyone who has continued to keep Lisa in their prayers it is still working!  Lisa is now free to enjoy the Holidays which she truly Loves to do with her family.  The next step is a CAT Scan in late February, and if that comes back clear it will make it 2 years without a recurrence!
 Peace & Love,
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Katy Spinner
By Katy Spinner
We cannot doubt the power of prayer and the love of God. Wishing the Craine family blessed holidays.
Debbie Maroney
By Rob and Debbie Maroney
You truly have so much to be thankful for! Enjoy your holidays with family and friends. Xoxo
michelle willen
By Michelle willen
So happy you can relax and enjoy your beautiful family Lisa and David!!!
Sara Denn
By Sara Denn
SO AWESOME! Miracles and good medicine! You are blessed, Lisa!
Randy Malick
Congrats! What wonderful news!! Thanks for letting us know!
Amy Griffith
This is such wonderful news!!! What a joyous holiday season this will be with so much to celebrate! xo
Kathy Wright
By Kathy
YAY! You guys know how to fight this horrible CC. Thanks for sharing the good news. You all are amazing.