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Lisa’s Story

Lisa was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in the fall 2010. She has gone through 2 liver resections totally over 20 hours of surgery. Her treatment has also included 4 different types of chemo and steriotactic radiation three times. Her cancer has comes back 5 times in 8 different tumors, but recently she has gone 14 months without a recurrence. After changing her diet to gluten free her severe chronic hives have gone away. Please keep Lisa in your prayers because it is working.

Latest Journal Update

The Gift of Life

Lisa recently told a friend that she had the most wonderful day and the friend asked what she did to make it so wonderful, Lisa replied that we spent the day together as a family, we grilled out, biked, played ball and laughed. We have learned over the last five years that true joy for us comes from being a family and serving others who are in need of love and hope. Lisa had good blood work results last week and her next scans are scheduled for February. We pray that she continues to be blessed with good health and no cancer. Lisa always wears a smile even though her body has been pretty beaten up with the side effects of her treatment. Her motto is if it isn't cancer she will deal with it and not worry about it!  The Akron Marathon was a great success and it looks like we will have raised over 20K for Cholangiocarcinoma Research. This has been a tough month with so many losses in the Cholangiocarcinoma Community and  that is why we continue to be passionate about raising research funds. 

Blessings to all of you for your continued prayers and Happy Thanksgiving.
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Randy Malick
Thanks for the update and Lisa's good news, David. You all are a blessing to so many!
Kathy Wright
So glad to hear the blessings of the day! Xxoo to Lisa. An inspiration