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Lisa’s Story

Lisa was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in the fall 2010. She has gone through 2 liver resections totally over 20 hours of surgery. Her treatment has also included 4 different types of chemo and steriotactic radiation three times. Her cancer has comes back 5 times in 8 different tumors, but recently she has gone 14 months without a recurrence. After changing her diet to gluten free her severe chronic hives have gone away. Please keep Lisa in your prayers because it is working.

Latest Journal Update

We heard the words...You have cancer five years ago today's

Dear Friends and Family,

Today we celebrate life and the gift of every day. We sat in Dr. John Fung's office five years ago today and heard the word Cholangiocarcinoma for the first time, malignant was the second word. Our world stopped and we sat crying and barely breathing. We were comforted by John and reassured that he would take great care of Lisa and he has! The path has been difficult with many ups and downs but we have been carried during the rough times by our faithful and loving God. I want to thank each and every one of you for your love, support and prayers. Our medical team has been so compassionate and dedicated to Lisa's care and has always given us HOPE!  We are truly blessed to have Dr. John Fung, Dr. Bijan Eghtesad, Dr. Kevin Stephans and Dr. Bassam Estfan as our medical team and friends. We continue to raise Cholangiocarcinoma Research money and mentor other patients and caregivers. We are passionate about making a difference for other Cholangiocarcinoma patients. I tell Lisa the best part of my day is coming home to give her a hug. She is a wonderful Mom, Wife and Friend. Lisa gives so much Hope to others with her smile and love of all people. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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Patty Corcoran
By Patty Corcoran
Lisa is a TRUE GEM to everyone in her CC family and her family and friends! She is a beacon of hope and love to everyone she talks to....whether it's the first time or the 50th time. Congrats Lisa and family on beating the odds and fighting with all your strength to show the world there IS hope!
Amy Sims
By Amy Sims
This post made me cry happy tears!!!! I agree with EVERYONE who knows or who has met Lisa... she is a very real treasure and someone I am blessed to know.
Sara Denn
By Sara Denn
Such a lovely post. Every reason to celebrate and rejoice!
Annmarie Keogh
By Annmarie Keogh
Lisa is one of the most beautiful women I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know. She is beautiful inside and out. I pray that her miracle will carry her for decades and decades, so that her glow can continue to light up the lives of her family and friends. Especially, her David.

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Randy Malick
By Randy Malick
Couldn't be happier for you or love you more!
Randy and Carol