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Lisa’s Story

Lisa was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in the fall 2010. She has gone through 2 liver resections totally over 20 hours of surgery. Her treatment has also included 4 different types of chemo and steriotactic radiation three times. Her cancer has comes back 5 times in 8 different tumors, but recently she has gone 3 years without a recurrence. After changing her diet to gluten free her severe chronic hives have gone away. Please keep Lisa in your prayers because it is working.

Latest Journal Update

Good News Continues

Lisa had her latest CT scan at the Cleveland Clinic this afternoon and I am very happy to report that everything looked clear no sign of cancer! that along with her tumor markers earlier in the week are cause for celebration in the Craine household!  Her CEA markers was 1.1 & the CA19-9 was 19 which have not changed in over a year.  I am at a loss for words as to why God has decided to heal Lisa, all I can do is say a prayer of thanksgiving and have faith that it will continue.  We are now officially three years from her last treatment of any kind, and the cancer has not returned.  Thank you all who have prayed for her time in and time out over the last 5 and a half years my whole family is eternally grateful.  We will continue doing what we have for the last three years tumor markers in 3 months a CT Scan in 6.

God's Love & Peace


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Amy Sims
By Amy Sims
AWESOME news!!!!!! Our prayers have been answered for sure!
Katy Spinner
By Katy Spinner
Lisa's and your strong faith carry you through these trials. God is using you both to help and support others. God bless you. Prayers continue.
Kim Carraro-Booth
By Kim Carraro
What a testimony of faithfulness, love, trust, and healing your family has been! God has used you mightily and will continue to do so! Sending all my love, big hugs, and continued prayers!
Diane Curry
By Dee and Ed Curry
Praise this wonderful God of ours! God has blessed you WELL.
Kathy Wright
By Kathy
I am so so
Happy for you all and especially for Lisa! You are definitely a beacon! Xxoo Kathy
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ivy silbiger
By Ivy and Gary Silbiger
Lisa and David, Gary and I are so Thrilled to hear this Wonderful news! You are in our prayers every day and could not be Happier that you recieved this Positive outcome! Sending our love and prayers as always!
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Amelia Malek
By Amelia Malek
With God NOTHING is impossible!Praise His Holy Name!So happy for YUR beautiful family!
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