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Lisa’s Story

Lisa was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in the fall 2010. She has gone through 2 liver resections totally over 20 hours of surgery. Her treatment has also included 4 different types of chemo and steriotactic radiation three times. Her cancer has comes back 5 times in 8 different tumors, but recently she has gone 14 months without a recurrence. After changing her diet to gluten free her severe chronic hives have gone away. Please keep Lisa in your prayers because it is working.

Latest Journal Update

Joy and relief

Lisa has been experiencing intense liver pain and chest pain so her bloodwork and scans were moved up from February. We spent Friday at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation with testing and  an appointment with her oncologist, Dr. Bassam Estfan. We have been blessed again by our loving God. Lisa's bloodwork was normal, her CA 19-9 went down to 24 and her other tumor marker went down as well. The CT scan of the abdomen showed no cancer. Her liver looks beautiful! We are very fortunate to have such a caring and compassionate oncologist, he truly cares about Lisa and our family. The pain can be attributed to scar tissue, fibromyalgia and chondritis,  which Lisa said she will take any day over cancer. Thank you for your continued prayers. 

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Annmarie Keogh
By Annmarie Keogh
Such a beautiful miracle! Such a beautiful lady! Such an amazing family... Love and prayers continue! Big hugs!
Katy Spinner
By Katy Spinner
God bless you, you remain in our prayers. With God all things are possible.
Tricia Easton
By Tricia Easton
So happy your tests came out okay! I hope you aren't in pain for long. See you soon Bestie!
Sara Denn
By Sara Denn
Thank God you are cancer free, Lisa! I'm sorry you've been suffering though and do hope there are some ways to manage the other conditions. Hers a big hug from CA!
Randy Malick
By Randy
Thanks for the update, David! Glad to hear the news and will pray the pain subsides.
Much love,
Diane Curry
By Dee and Ed Curry
God continues to shine upon you and bless you. Take care, my friend, and be well.
Kathy Wright
By Kathy
Lisa. So
Glad to hear not cancer. I know the pains. We'll talk soon 💕
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