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Lindsey’s Story

Hi, I'm Lindsey Couri and I'm 27 years old.

In October of 2008 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor surrounding my carotid artery and optic nerve behind my left eye.

It's my second brain tumor, what are the odds of that?

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The beginning of this goes all the way back to when I was four years old. I was diagnosed with a brainstem tumor in 1988, Since that time I have had nine total surgeries for that tumor as well as radiation therapy.

In 1997, we were told that what was left of the tumor was dead and we were free and clear.

In 1999, I lost my Mom (Terri) to a brain tumor. The doctors told us they had never seen a Mother/Daughter tumor combo. We keep surprising the doctors most of the time.

In October of 2008, I began having headaches and some vision problems. We did an MRI and were told that I have another tumor, in a new location.

The doctors believe this tumor was caused by the radiation therapy they gave me to get rid of the first tumor. They are seeing a lot of what they call "radiation induced tumors" in people who had radiation when they were young. As a matter of fact, they have for the most part, stopped using radiation in that situation now.

We began our search for doctors at the Mayo Clinic and despite their reputation and abilities, we ended up at Duke University. Doctor Takanori Fukushima and Doctor Allan Friedman did surgery on December 10th, 2008 and removed 98% of the Meningioma. We were VERY blessed to end up at Duke and would recommend them to anyone!

Latest Journal Update


We did another MRI on Monday and heard from Duke today. The docs say the tumors are stable and we're to stay the course. We get two months of normalcy before we do it all again. Thanks for the prayers, they work every time!
Lindsey and Rick