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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 from 4p-8p at the Brooklyn Park Community Activity Center @ 5600 85th Avenue North - Brooklyn Park...

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With warm regards!


Her journey through the uncertainties of cancer began back in 1999.  Mother and her sister, Becky, signed up for a clinical study at the Mayo Clinic using new spiral cat scan machines.  They made several trips over the next three years down to Rochester to participate in the study.

In 2002 she received news that there was a small growth on her left kidney.  She underwent surgery to have the growth removed, including 20% of her left kidney.

It was during her final checkup in 2005 that a new, separate mass was discovered on her ovaries.  She underwent surgery to remove the mass and began chemo.  Two years later she was in remission!

The cancer returned in 2010 and, Mom began another round of chemo - it was clear she was tired!

Not that her schedule over the past dozen or so years wouldn't tire any of us out - she lived a VERY full life with cancer.  She was re-elected to the Minnesota Senate in 2000, 2002, 2006 + 2010.  She was a substitute teacher at Brooklyn Center Senior High School and worked full time with the Brooklyn Park Park's Department for several summers.

In May of this year, she decided to stop the chemo treatments and enter home hospice...



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