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Libby’s Story

Please see the background story below and the subsequent updates under "Journal" for the tragic and amazing story of Libby Lehman's stroke and her ongoing recovery.  The family so appreciates your comments and concern.

If you would like to make a contribution to the "Libby Lehman Medical Fund", you may use paypal.com.  Just set up an account with paypal.com and donate to libby.medfund@gmail.com,  or send a check to her sister, Cathy Arnold, at 2220 Stanmore, Houston, TX 77019 for deposit into a special account at JPMorgan Chase Bank.  

Please do not make a contribution to CaringBridge "in tribute to Libby" as solicited on this website.  Those donations go to the CaringBridge website, not to Libby!

Libby gave so much to so many people.  She needs your support now.

On April 30, 2013, Libby had a ruptured aneurysm in her doctor's office and she was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital. Lester had taken her to the doctor's office because she had suffered severe headaches for a few days, starting in Paducah, Kentucky at a quilting conference.   The following day she had a 7 hour surgery to clip the aneurysm.  Several days later she suffered a stroke and vascular spasms and required additional surgery.  Updates on Libby's progress are in the  "Journal" section, including her many months in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, a few weeks at home, and recently a return to a skilled nursing care and rehab facility after a bout with an infection in the hospital. She continues moving on an uneven road to recovery with ongoing care and therapies. Thank you so much for your interest, support, and concern. Libby is blessed with so many friends, old and new!

Latest Journal Update

Friday -It's All Good!

Nothing like starting off the day with Good News! Here's an early morning report from Lester which he got from Amy, Libby's speech coach and cognitive therapist at U.P. after their therapy session today:
"Amy, Libby's speech therapist, told me this morning that Libby was really on a roll. She worked 2 puzzles this morning that she couldn't work last week. She said Libby was starting to sequence things a lot better and not getting frustrated like she used to when she couldn't do something. She was very happy with her continued progress." -Lester

Meanwhile, back at the ranch - I mean International Quilt Festival, Susan Gartner sent this report,
"I really enjoyed the Quilt Show this morning. A lovely exhibit in Libby's honor. It was such a nice surprise to see a few of Libby's quilts. Had a very nice visit with Clara." -Susan

Lastly, here's my own report of a wonderful day at the International Quilt Festival with hubby Bill. We started off our visit at the Ruby Jubilee exhibit of beautiful red and white quilts hung is a spectacular circle from the roof - quite impressive! Fortunately, the "Inspired by Libby" quilt exhibit which was the result of Clara Lawrence's idea and efforts, and the contributions of so many artists, was just a little ways behind the Jubilee exhibit and in front of the "Meet the Teachers" area - how appropriate for Libby who loved to meet and get to know her students!

I have to admit that when I first saw the beautiful quilts in the "Inspired by Libby" collection, including two of Libby's, I was a little overwhelmed with emotions of awe, gratitude, and humility just thinking about what Clara and so many others have done for my big sister. As always, my rock - my Bill was there to comfort me, but just as I was trying to pull myself together, a friend from elementary school days walked up and gave me another hug. Thank you, Becky Beeson, you were a true gift from God to me today, to see you again after so long, just when I needed a hug. One more hug from Clara's mother Paula, and I pulled myself together. After all, what would Libby do? Certainly not cry like a baby!

God was with us as we made the rounds to see the folks I wanted to Thank again, for all their support and friendship to Libby. Our second stop was at "The Quilt Show" booth were we visited and thanked both Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson. Next stop, the Bernina booth, where we got to visit with Jeanne Cook Delpit and asked her to thank Bernina for their unwavering support and generosity. Jeanne teared up and said she loved hearing me talk because I sounded just like Libby. I'm not sure Libby would agree, but I was very flattered, even if most of the credit belongs to our shared Texas roots and soft voices. Next was a stop at the Superior Threads booth, where both Heather and Bob pulled away from their busy, busy booth to inquire about Libby and to hear the Good News, and to hear our Thanks for their support and friendship.

Finally, we wrapped up our day at the "Inspired by Libby" exhibit where we met sister Cathy who was visiting for the second day in a row. We all got to visit with Clara and try to express our immense gratitude to her for all she has done! Words seemed so inadequate. We are so Thankful for making contact with so many friends of Libby and our family today, and we also met another of the artists of the quilts, Gail Thomas. I wish we could Thank All the artists and the buyers of the quilts in person, but please know that we are Thankful for you all, from the bottom of our hearts!
Signing out for today before I tear up again, Ellen 
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Jan Krentz
By Jan Krentz
Such a great report today - The quilting community is very kind-hearted and supportive! We are all rooting for Libby's continued progress. What a blessing her caregivers and therapists have been! Happy Halloween, everyone! Fondly, Jan
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Laura Little
By Laura Little/Just Threads
It is so heartwarming to read the positive reports about Libby's progress! For those of us who have been following Libby's journey, it truly feels like God is answering prayers. God Bless Libby, God Bless Team Libby and God Bless all those quilters supporting Libby in many ways.
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Diane Schultheiss
By Diane Schultheiss
How exciting that Libby is able to do puzzles that were impossible such a short time ago! I will be seeing the quilts today and looking forward to being inspired by the "inspired by Libby" quilts! Do not worry about the tears - they are an unusual gift from God. Did you know they help remove toxins from your body ! Sometimes it is the only thing you can do - all of you have been through a lot of ups and downs and seeing a visible sign of the love others have for Libby is overwhelming. Plus the hugs that come after tears are awesome. God Bless all of you and may He continue to provide healing. And thank you for being able to share your emotions. God Bless
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Dorothy Kelly
By Dorothy in Houston
Going Friday to the quilt show. Can't wait to see the 'Inspired by Libby' exhibit.
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Deb Tilton
By Deb Tilton
What a wonderful, uplifting day for you all. I think Libby's presence is felt all over the quilting world and in many hearts. It means a lot to all of us that TEAM LIBBY is visiting the show and meeting many of her fans. Bless you all during this crazy week!!
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Barbara Black
By Barbara Black
I'm sorry I missed you. What a wonderful day for all of you. Libby was featured several times in the retro faculty slide show that played during the 40th anniversary celebration luncheon today.
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alex anderson
By With you in Spirit - Alex
It is awesomw to have Libby here - in spirit - we ALL love her so MUCH!
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Ellen Mack
By Ellen McBurney — last edited
Just love every moment of this adventure !!!! Libby has certainly left her mark on the quilting community. I bet she'll be talking about this for many, many years.
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Dianne Dinneen
By Dianne Dinneen
Such happy times and news. Next week may be a bit anti climatic as the adrenaline ebbs. But oh what a fab ride!
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Janet Grosser
By Janet Grosser
Tears of joy are always good! And what a joyful day, indeed! I have a feeling this will be a most wonderful Holiday Season for Team Libby!
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