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Sunday, June 22, 2014 - A Day Filled with Visitors

      Libby had a good day.  In the morning, she awoke early and ate a good breakfast.  She had a wonderful shower, which she enjoys very much.  She likes to sit in her shower chair, with the warm water spraying on her, singing happily.  After she was dressed and her hair dried and curled by Angel, her friends, the Stallings, arrived.  She enjoyed their visit, and was pleased with the beautiful yellow flowers that they gave her.  Then Lester and Les arrived, shortly followed by Doris, her son, Alan, and his family - wife, Amy, and their four precious children - India, Phoebe, Brock, and Lawson.  They took Libby outside in her wheelchair to the pool nearby, and even in the steamy Houston summer heat, they enjoyed being together.  

     By the time I visited Libby in the mid afternoon, Libby was fast asleep.  I blew her a kiss and promised to visit again as soon as I can.  I left a beautiful quilt book sent to her by Donna Wilder, and I look forward to going through the book with Libby on my next visit.  All in all, it was a beautiful day.
Cathy Arnold
PS.  Attached is a cute picture of Libby with her dear friend, Susan Gartner, taken by her sweet friend, Patti Gillies
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Patricia L Walters
By Patricia L Walters
so Happy you had a good day, Libby! Prayers continue for your renewed health!
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Janet Grosser
By Janet Grosser
Sounds like all in all Libby had a good weekend. She seems to be setting her own pace and enjoying it. Keep up the good work, Libby!
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Dorothy Kelly
By Dorothy
Thankful for the nice visit with family and friends. Praise to whom all blessings flow.
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Deanna Ripley-Lotee
By Deanna Ripley-Lotee
What a nice picture. So glad she's having some pleasant days and great friends around her.

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Judy Chase
By Jude
Looks like the respite from all Libby's therapies might just be the tonic she needed.

Blessings to all.
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Sallie Smith
By Sallie Smith, Atlanta, GA
Great picture!! Libby is looking good!!
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Linda Carlson
By Linda Carlson
Great photo of Libby and Susan! Glad to hear Libby enjoyed her relaxing Sunday with friends and family.
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Mary Stanton
By Mary
Great news!!!
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