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Saturday - Lazy Day of Summer

Tiffany reported that Libby wanted to sleep in- big time, this morning. Angel said that as she was leaving last night, Libby did not want to go to bed so she stayed in her wheelchair by the nurses' station where she could keep an eye on them, (and vice versa). No wonder our little night owl was a sleepyhead this morning. She finally got up just before 11am and got ready for her first visitors of the day, Susan Gartner and Patti Gillies, both longtime friends of Libby's. Susan said they had a lovely visit with Libby who was "very happy and talkative" until she got "quiet and sleepy".

Les and Tiffany took care of Libby in between visitors, and both agreed that Libby was having a slow day with low energy, but good spirits. Libby didn't want much to eat except more Fredricksburg peaches and some limeade.

However, Really lifting her spirits today were visitors from San Antonio - nephew Alan and wife Amy, with their darling girls India and Phoebe. Tiffany said the girls entertained Libby with games and puppet shows, and then when Libby began to tire they read to her while she rested. Their books, the Quiltmaker's Gift and Texas State Bird Pageant made Libby smile, and probably it was the sound of their sweet voices, too.
Alan read peaceful passages from the Bible to Libby, and when they prayed Libby added sincerely, "I'm at Peace. Amen". What a showering of Blessings today! 

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15 Replies

Dinny Addison
By Dinny Addison
Sending you love , dear Libby!
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Acia Cagle
By Acia Cagle
We love you, Libby You are awesome!!!!! Acia and Pat
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Micki Batte
By Micki Batte
I'm at Peace" says it all. Thank you Lord for giving Libby peace.
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Jan Drury
By Jan Drury
What a wonderful visit, such joy. I have just received photos via iPad of my grandson's 7th birthday on the other side of the country. Children are just wonderful medicine, magic! Peacefully, Jan
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Deb Tilton
By Deb Tilton
Little ones can always brighten up a day. My neighbor's daughter and grand kids stopped by tonight. Hazel (3) wanted to show me the hoppy frogs under the trampoline (way to many for my taste). She finally felt brave enough to come with me( and no Mom) to see my garden. She loved my decorations , a big silly frog, a green butterfly holding a little bucket filled with water, and an orange sun. She also liked my flowering weeds that she could pick. More weeds than flowers are blooming so far. Yarrow and daisies are ready to pop any time. :) Since she's in town for a few days, I will be teaching her the mosquito dance that I taught her mom and aunt and uncles way back when. They are biting like crazy around here!!

Have a wonderful, blessed Sunday!
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Janet Grosser
By Janet Grosser
Love those peaceful days!!
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Holly Casey
By Holly Casey
A showering of blessings indeed! A lazy Saturday is always in order, especially one following a late Friday night. This report warmed my heart and confirmed my belief that Libby is a peace. I just finished spending two days at the International Quilt Show in Chicago. Through both days as I looked at all sorts of quilts running the gamut from traditional to cutting edge modern, I thought about Libby and how she would have loved to be there in the midst of all that fabric and frolic. I felt as if every thought was a prayer of encouragement for our Libby. I hope the remainder of the weekend is just as sweet and peaceful as today for all of you down in Houston. Enjoy every minute of sunshine because days will shorten much faster than we expect. I send my love and prayers to your from a rainy Chicago tonight,
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Jill Kershner
By Jill Kershner
I am so grateful for Team Libby. Thank you God for these wonderful people who love and care for our sweet Libby. May she continue to be at peace. Amen
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Suzanne Shepherd
By Suzanne in Phoenix
Quilting and praying for Libby today. Haven't looked at my copy of the Quiltmaker's Gift in ages. Maybe will get that out after supper. You know, Libby herself is a quiltmaker's gift - her artistic talent, teaching abilities and organizational skills are a gift to all whose lives she has touched. So happy for the lovely day that was a gift to her today!
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Diane Schultheiss
Showers of blessings are awesome! What sweethearts to read The Quilt Makers Daughter. Libby surly enjoyed the beautiful quilts in the book. May Libby have good sound sleep tonight and awakes refresh and full of energy. Sweet dreams
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