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Friday - Full of Friendly Chatter!

Libby's morning started off slow, but once she was up, dressed, beautifully coiffed, and ate a little breakfast, Angel took her outside for a stroll in Franklin before the Real heat slammed the day. When I got there about 10 am Libby was cooling off in her room, and she greeted me with a smile and several kisses. Then we settled down for a good visit, talking about all sorts of things as the wheels in her mind seemed to be spinning wildly today. 

One interesting new item today was Libby told me she was "quilting in my mind". I asked her if she was creating new patterns and designs, and with a smile she said, "Always!" (The fabric squares Cathy shared with her yesterday may have sparked these thoughts - who knows?) Another topic which seemed to bring her Joy was remembering the sights and sounds of Santa Fe, and the smell and taste of blue corn tortillas at the Zia Diner. She is finally having sweet dreams and memories of happy times - Thank God!

When son Les joined us at UP, Libby told us she saw big Lester quilting at a sewing machine in her dream, and we all laughed, especially Libby. We couldn't understand Everything she said, but we could see that she was having a good time and enjoying trying to share it all with us. She continues to talk about her demise as if it is a travel trip she gladly anticipates. It is a strange conversation to embark upon with someone, but somehow very comforting for all when you are done.

After lunch Libby was thrilled when her good friends Loene, Sarah, and Penny all came to visit. Loene brought a beautiful bouquet of brightly colored red and orange flowers and some peaches from Fredericksburg (where Loene and her hubby now live). Loene told me that Libby loved the peaches and when she held one to Libby's nose to smell, Libby took a big bite out of it instead and sat chomping and smiling at their surprise. Loene cut the peach into pieces and Libby "cleaned her plate" with plenty of the good kind of moaning and groaning. Sarah and Penny helped Libby remember old times and friends from their quilting group, and Libby also told them many things she wanted to say, some sensible and some -not so much, but what does it matter with real friends? 

Some of Libby's other visitors today found Libby needing some little naps - sorry about that Diane, Delores, and the Chaplain, but she'll be glad to visit with you all another day. Angel said when Libby got up from her last nap she was very "bouncy". When I asked what that meant (visualizing all sorts of weird scenarios), she said Libby was in constant motion, wanting to go from bed to wheelchair and back, and from sitting to standing to waving hands. Apparently, Angel had her hands full this afternoon since Libby really can't do any of those things without a whole lot of help, except apparently she can in her own mind. As I was talking on the phone with Angel, Les arrived, so I am sure between the two of them Libby got to move around all she wanted. I bet Libby sleeps well tonight (and Angel, too), and I hope and pray Libby's sweet dreams continue!
In humble gratitude,
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Carol Moellers
By Carol Moellers
What a great way to start the first day of summer!!!!! Better watch out, pretty soon Libby is going to want to do the Texas two step with Lester. Libby, Lester, Angel and Franklin, let the good times roll!!!!
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Sarah Ann Smith
By Sarah Ann Smith
I can just smell that peach! Up here in Maine it doesn't often get warm enough in summer to get that ethereal scent! So glad you're having a good day, Libby--may there be many more!
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Su Scott
By Su Scott
It's a nice journey after all! hugs su '-}
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Barb Rechtfertig
By Barb in CA
Amen to sweet dreams! Maybe she'll keep visualizing new patterns and hoping Les will sew them up for her! Amen to no more nausea, too.
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margaret williams
By margaret williams
thank you for sharing this wonderful day with us. I, too, would like to see Big Lester quilting!
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Sylvia Anderson
By Sylvia Anderson.
It's always so comforting to hear that Libby is having happy thoughts and dealing well with daily life. Apparently she is comfortable with the fact that she no longer has to attend therapy classes and can live her life as she damn well pleases. It may not be the life she was used to, but so what. As long as she is happy and can convey her needs to those around her, so be it. She is loved and admired by so many people, even those of us who have never had the pleasure of meeting her and we pray that she enjoys many, many more years on earth, spreading joy and happiness to every life she touches. God bless you Libby and your entire family. Sweet dreams tonight and every night that follows.
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Janet Grosser
By Janet Grosser
Sounds like a good day! That's great. Keep up the good work, Libby!!
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Laurie McLaughlin
By Laurie McLaughlin
What a pleasant day! Maybe Libby has a sense of her destiny and is preparing you all for it, or maybe it is just a relief for her to contemplate a better existence? I do wish she and one of the Lesters could do some quilting.....just for fun, for the process, not for the outcome. Libby said in one of her videos on The Quilt Show that she just put a lot of dark fabric squares together and then did her splat design, with added hills and valleys, on them with thread. [With stabilizer under the fabric.] That sounds like something possible....she could coach or pick thread or maybe even guide the fabric with one hand.
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Ruchama Burrell
By Ruchama
Shabbat Shalom to you all
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