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Thrusday - June 19, 2014 - Continued Ups and Downs

The day started out well for Libby.  She ate a big breakfast with Lester, and was in good spirits.  But later in the morning she became ill, losing her breakfast.  She was able, however, to eat some of her lunch.  When I saw her in the early afternoon, she was distressed at first and seemed very anxious.  We held hands and she said over and over "No good, no good."  

     But in a few minutes she calmed down, and she sat in her room in her wheelchair watching a cooking show with Tiffany and me.  Tiffany recently found out that she is diabetic, so we started talking about healthy food.  Libby participated in the conversation, saying that she likes green beans, salad, squash and almost all fruits.   But she said "Yuk" to tofu, kale, and fish.  I gave her some Ritz crackers, which she seemed to enjoy.   As I was leaving I said "after awhile, crocodile"  and she said "later, alligator."  

    All things considered, it was a touching and sweet visit.

Cathy Arnold
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Carol Moellers
By Carol Moellers
When I read your post with the crocodile good-bye and the holding hands with Libby, this great song came into my head. Remember "Crocodile Rock" with Elton John. . Hope the start of summer begins with a rocking good time. May you cruise into the summer with each day a little better than the previous day. Sending lots of love and hugs!!!!
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Patricia L Walters
By Patricia L Walters
Always in my prayers! Hang in there Libby and Libby's Team!
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Caroline Gerneglia
By Caroline Gerneglia
Dear Libby, I am so sorry to learn of your health problems. I have taken your ribbon class, bought your book years ago and am a great admirer of your work. You have been a real inspiration to me and to so many others. I pray that you continue to make strides to a full return to health. We need you!
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Sarah Ann Smith
By Sarah Ann Smith
Hugs to all.
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Deanna Ripley-Lotee
By Deanna Ripley-Lotee
Blessed be the caregivers--

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Janet Grosser
By Janet Grosser
There's nothing like having your sister come and hold your hand! Glad to hear that the day ended on a good note, and we'll pray that tomorrow is a better day!
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Margaret Blank
By Margaret in Mirror, Alberta, Canada
I agree with Libby about tofu and fish! LOL! But kale...perhaps try kale 'chips' -- there should be a recipe online --- very easy and a tasty snack. Also...kale soup, though that might be harder for her to eat (it's a clear soup, not a thick, creamy one). Also I think kale could be a substitute for spinach in quiche... Just a few thoughts. :-)
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Linda Carlson
By Linda Carlson
Humor is the best medicine, and music is the universal language. Perhaps in times of distress, playing one of Libby's favorite artists would help. I would imagine any CD of Ricky's would be just what she'd need. Blessings to all of you!
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Su Scott
By Su Scott
The roller coaster ride. But her unbreakable 'self' is still there. Each day will be what it is. Hugs. su '-]
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Patricia Martini
By Patricia Martini
Libby's wonderful humor is still with her....thank God.
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