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Wednesday - Day One of R&R (Rest and Relaxation)

As many of you predicted, hoped, and prayed, Libby seemed to be in a particularly positive mood today. She had many visitors, and here are some of their reports:

From Libby's friend and morning visitor Susan Gartner, "With Libby and all is well. Tiffany said Libby ate most of her cream of wheat. Libby is very talkative and in a good mood. No therapy as yet."

From Libby's niece Diane in the afternoon, "I just left UP. Libby told us she was having "sweet dreams". Dr. Guerrero, the medical director, stopped by and talked to Doris and me to say he was available for any assistance that Libby could possibly need. He is going to turn in an order to lower the bed in the evening (to decrease chances of a bad fall). Tiffany is tending to Libby for water (and all her needs), and it seems like a peaceful day so far."

I visited in the late morning until noon and my very first impression today was to notice how cheerful and alert Libby seemed to be. She greeted me with more enthusiasm than usual and was quick to tell me the same thing she told Sarah last night - that she was "Relieved!" She wanted to talk about angels, heaven, and being with God, but her assurances and excitement were actually quite wonderful to hear. It was a bittersweet morning as Libby seems to have put down her burdens, just as the family is picking up a heavier burden of sadness. It brings to mind the bible verse about the weary and heavy laden. It is hard to explain unless you have experienced it with a loved one, how you can feel better and worse at the same time- happy for your loved one but sad for yourself.

Libby seemed to have regained a tiny bit of her strength, or maybe it was just recharged motivation, as she transferred with Tiffany's gentle help from Franklin, Libby's wheelchair, to her bed for a little rest. Libby wanted to continue holding my hand while she rested, and after dozing for a few moments she opened her eyes and asked, "Ellen?" The sound of her voice and her smile when I told her I was sitting right next to her and squeezed her hand will be a precious memory for me always! I'm sure many of you have shared a similar experience and sweet moment.

Later when it was time to go to lunch Libby wanted to push her wheelchair with her right foot or pull herself along on the rail attached to the wall going towards the dining room. Libby demonstrated more affection and voluntary exercise today than she has shown in a long time. It is no secret - Libby likes to be in charge! and today she seemed to enjoy taking back some control over the little things in her life.

When Lester met us in the hall, Libby had a million dollar smile for him and immediately said, "Hello - I love you!" Lester reported that a little later, unfortunately, Libby got sick after a few bites of lunch. Tiffany thinks it may have been because Libby took her pills too quickly and with too much water shortly before lunch. With a different schedule and more time between pills, hopefully, that problem can be easily rectified. For the rest of the afternoon Libby was fine and talkative with visitors and ate some supper, so apparently - "alls well that ends well", at least for today.

Tonight - Praising God and Thanking him for a mostly comfortable day for Libby with some rest, relaxation, and quality time with family and friends! May she have many more! Also, a special Thanks! for Libby's peace of mind and assurances that God has his "eye on the sparrow" and certainly on each one of us, including our darling Libby. Amen.
In humble gratitude, Ellen
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Sydney Wischnewsky
By Sydney Wischnewsky
Sweet Dreams precious sister.
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Deb Hardman
By Debra Jo Hardman
Libby has been on my mind, a lot lately. I'm not quite sure why. I've never actually met her. I was out of town when she came to Alaska to teach, & was sorry to miss her, since I felt we had a lot in common. I love to play with thread. I've been thinking,, what sort of things would make me feel a little happier if I were in Libby's place. #1 would be creating something. Has anyone thought about a little fabric therapy? Lay a white plastic sheet down on a table, & tape a yard of clean white fabric to it. Get some fabric paints (like Dynaflow ), & give her a big paint brush , some water , a spray bottle & maybe even some salt to sprinkle on it. Get her to PLAY! If she likes the results, send it off to make yardage for sale. There are a lot of us who would buy her fabric!
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Su Scott
By Su Scott
Each day, in every way...better! Prayers and hopes for a smooth ride! hugs su '-]
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Mary Mohler
By Mary Mohler
so glad for all of you
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Sharon Gaffor
By Sharon Gaffor
Amazing what happens when the "stress of life" is lifted. We can just "be". My friends and I always
say when a saddening decision is made "What will we be like in that same situation?"
Peaceful life ahead Dear Lord! God Bless!
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Judy Chase
By Jude
Having read several other comments, I also remember my parents illnesses as a very sweet time. There were tears in private, and a few shed with them (they never shed any tears, they weren't of that generation!), but everything that needed to be said was said, old wounds were healed, stories were told and there was much laughter. Love was expressed constantly. My Dad and I wrote little letters to each other each night, which I treasure. It was a devastating, all-consuming period in my life, but also a wonderful time. I finally became an adult and was able to show my parents how well they'd done and what strength I'd inherited. No-one was sure of the whens and hows or even the ifs, but all the love that was shared gave us the strength and peace that we needed and also the clarity to see that this was "their" time, and as such, whatever their wishes were, we would see that they were carried out. When I look back, instead of seeing my parents sick in hospital, I have the memories of all the ways I was able to express my love to them. The rose scented candles that my Mother loved and which the nursing home staff so kindly turned a blind eye to, the hand creams that enabled us both to treasure the feel of the other's loving hand, the orange popsicles that brought such loud sighs of bliss and huge grins to both their faces. The lavender oil that my Dad loved so much. These are the memories that bring me so much comfort. Dear family, you have nursed Libby so tenderly for so many months, you will also be blessed with the comforting memory that you gave everything that you could possibly give. God Bless Libby, God Bless You All.
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cindy weaver
By Cindy McKissack Weaver
Prayers for Libby and all of you. God is in control.
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Joy Gross
By Joy Gross
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Jan Holman
By Jan Holman
Gob bless each of you.
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Ruchama Burrell
By Ruchama
My love and prayers to all of you. When my own dear mother took to her bed voluntarily at 89, we called in a physical therapist to see if we could begin therapy to prevent muscle deterioration. He was a sweet young man dark eyed and kind. He took her hand. She refused to speak to him and glared at him with clear blue green eyes. I can see her still lying there glaring the way a cat will glare at a little girl who has forced a doll bonnet onto the feline head.

The young man gently put her hand down and turned to us and said, "She has her reasons."

The rest of her days were peaceful and pleasant for her and for us all. Learning to love my mother as she came to be and to accept the decisions that meant she would never return to the active engaged mother I had loved for so long was an experience I have never forgotten. Learning to love Libby as she is, not as she was or as we would want her to be will bring the peace that passes understanding.
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