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Tuesday - Chilling out

Yesterday Libby simply chilled out. She ate a good lunch and Angel reported a really good supper. As she just has two more days of therapy left, was glad to learn that she did indeed go to and participate (somewhat) in her therapies. Last night when I arrived she was already in her nightgown resting in bed. I asked how she was doing and the jest of the conversation was that she was tired, had the "energy of a worm" and "felt relieved". We held hands during the whole visit. She was talking but most of the conversation was about one of her favorite restaurants in Santa Fe, The Zia Diner. The rest was gibberish to which at one point she turned her head, looked at me and said laughingly "just babbling". I assured her that sometimes I just babble too. Of course we had to watch Wheel of Fortune but she was really sleepy last night.  I showed her some photos of Abbi & Susan's trip and she said "I love Europe. Beautiful." It wasn't an eventful visit but a sweet one recalling some travel memories. Hoping today will be an easy breezy day for Libby. - Sarah
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Patricia Martini
By Patricia Martini
My prayers are with you family. We all know that you are doing the best and what is what Libby wants. enjoy her and make her happy!
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Margo Bavry
By margo bavry
Sounds like libby is much happier now. my prayers continue for all of you.It is very trying to be trapped n a body that doesn't work anymore.
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Laurie McLaughlin
By Laurie McLaughlin
I think that Libby sounds much better, emotionally! Sounds like her real self is returning based on her comments. One can't do rehab all the time. The rehab program my husband was in was only so long. It's Very demanding. One has to rest in between or just BE. The body does the healing after the surgeons are done. Time for just such a vacation! And I can see you all are enjoying it!
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Suzanne Shepherd
By Suzanne in Phoenix
I can't add a thing to the beautiful, caring and loving comments that have already been posted, except perhaps to say (once again) that prayers continue for all.
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Su Scott
By Su Scott
Peaceful and restful...... it's helpful for healing not only for the body but also the soul and everyone else's soul. I don't think anyone is throwing in the towel quite yet, but sometimes, we all work so hard to return to 'what was before' we don't think so much about what's happening now. I know when we were helping with my husband's folks with their varied health issues, THEY decided they wanted to just enjoy their lives and not work hard to get back what they had lost during their youthful days being in their 70s. So, we let them enjoy and it too the pressure off all of us and we decided to just have as much fun as possible. It made the twilight the best light of all. God Bless you all during this time of trying to decide what to do and how best to do it. Meanwhile, holding hands, sharing memories and meals...smiles and joy... what better thing to do with family and friends. hugs su :-}
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Mary Ann Tipple
By Mary Ann Tipple
You know, sometimes, with all the pressure off to rehab, things turn around. And people can leave hospice with recovery. Prayers coming in Libby's direction.
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Joy Gross
I really wish I knew the right thing to say to you. I know you are struggling with all the emotions that are coming at you. Love and prayers for all of you.
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Janet Grosser
By Janet Grosser
Since today is "Hump Day" we'll count on it being a turn-around day for Libby. Sometimes one just needs time to Chill!!!
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Judy Murrah
By Judy Murrah
May peace be with you all. A deep breath and a sigh...Feel God's loving arms wrapped around Libby and her care givers and loved-ones.
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