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Libby’s Story

Please see the background story below and the subsequent updates under "Journal" for the tragic and amazing story of Libby Lehman's stroke and her ongoing recovery.  The family so appreciates your comments and concern.

If you would like to make a contribution to the "Libby Lehman Medical Fund", you may use paypal.com.  Just set up an account with paypal.com and donate to libby.medfund@gmail.com,  or send a check to her sister, Cathy Arnold, at 2220 Stanmore, Houston, TX 77019 for deposit into a special account at JPMorgan Chase Bank.  

Please do not make a contribution to CaringBridge "in tribute to Libby" as solicited on this website.  Those donations go to the CaringBridge website, not to Libby!

Libby gave so much to so many people.  She needs your support now.

On April 30, 2013, Libby had a ruptured aneurysm in her doctor's office and she was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital. Lester had taken her to the doctor's office because she had suffered severe headaches for a few days, starting in Paducah, Kentucky at a quilting conference.   The following day she had a 7 hour surgery to clip the aneurysm.  Several days later she suffered a stroke and vascular spasms and required additional surgery.  Updates on Libby's progress are in the  "Journal" section, including her many months in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, a few weeks at home, and recently a return to a skilled nursing care and rehab facility after a bout with an infection in the hospital. She continues moving on an uneven road to recovery with ongoing care and therapies. Thank you so much for your interest, support, and concern. Libby is blessed with so many friends, old and new!

Latest Journal Update

Wednesday - Thanksgiving Eve

Lester reported Libby was in good form and attitude this morning, ready to tackle her therapies at TIRR in the afternoon. She is very excited about the big day tomorrow when she will go with Lester and Tiffany to Doris' house to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Lehman side of the family. Libby loves to see them all, but especially the newest member and baby of the family, great-niece Ashley Elizabeth!

This year we are so Thankful to our heavenly Father for all our many blessings and the love and support of so many friends and family, (whether we have ever met in person or not). We have shared our journey with Libby with all of you, each step forward And back, and how wonderful it is to know so many care and pray for us. We are so Thankful for Libby's improvement and hope that each one of you will enjoy a day with family and/or friends that is filled with feasts, Joy, and Gratitude!

With Love, from Libby and All of us, we wish each and every one of Libby's friends, fans, and supporters a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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Sharon Binter
By Sharon Binter
Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. I'm so happy that you have much to celebrate as Libby continues her recovery. God's blessings to each of you!
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margo bavry
By margo bavry
Thank you and Iwish for you the same. I have never met Libby but rejoice in her progress.
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Judeen Izzard
By Judeen
I am thankful on this day and everyday for Libby's great team! Libby and team give me hope. Happy Thanksgiving to All.
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Pam O
By Pam
Blessings to all.
Libby, gobble, gooble.
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Dianne Dinneen
By Dianne Dinneen
Happy Thanksgiving to Libby and to each member of her wonderful supportive family. It has been a big year for Libby. She looks wonderful and seems to be advancing so nicely. Stay steady, lovely Libby. No falls.
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Jill Kershner
By Jill Kershner
Happy Thanksgiving to Team Libby! We are all blessed by your being in Libby's life.
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Patti Miller
By with love, The Millers
To the Lehman family,
Our thanks for your love and friendship, which we return to you, tenfold!
Our thanks to God Almighty for his watchful care over you, Libby.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
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Linda Fuchs
By Linda Fuchs
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your family & friends. Take care.
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Barb Morgan
By Barb Morgan
Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family! I am so Thankful for your updates and pray that the healing continues.
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ricky tims
By Ricky Tims
Sending the happiest of Thanksgiving greetings to Libby and everyone on Team Libby. May your day be blessed with good things and that you create lasting memories.
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