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Libby’s Story

Please see the background story below and the subsequent updates under "Journal" for the tragic and amazing story of Libby Lehman's stroke and her ongoing recovery.  The family so appreciates your comments and concern.

If you would like to make a contribution to the "Libby Lehman Medical Fund", you may use paypal.com.  Just set up an account with paypal.com and donate to libby.medfund@gmail.com,  or send a check to her sister, Cathy Arnold, at 2220 Stanmore, Houston, TX 77019 for deposit into a special account at JPMorgan Chase Bank.  

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Libby gave so much to so many people.  She needs your support now.

On April 30, 2013, Libby had a ruptured aneurysm in her doctor's office and she was rushed to Memorial Hermann Hospital. Lester had taken her to the doctor's office because she had suffered severe headaches for a few days, starting in Paducah, Kentucky at a quilting conference.   The following day she had a 7 hour surgery to clip the aneurysm.  Several days later she suffered a stroke and vascular spasms and required additional surgery.  Updates on Libby's progress are in the  "Journal" section, including her many months in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, a few weeks at home, and recently a return to a skilled nursing care and rehab facility after a bout with an infection in the hospital. She continues moving on an uneven road to recovery with ongoing care and therapies. Thank you so much for your interest, support, and concern. Libby is blessed with so many friends, old and new!

Latest Journal Update

Friday -Wrapping Up and Looking Forward

Libby wrapped up this week with some more good therapies at TIRR, according to Tiffany and Lester. We are so Thankful for Libby's progress on all fronts this week! Next week's schedule will be a little hectic with all her therapies And the excitement of visiting friends from the International Quilt Festival in Houston.
We are all a little disappointed that Libby does not feel up to the crowds and convention center challenges, but we respect her decision and will try to facilitate visits with Libby at U.P. by some of her closest friends. In any case, we are also Very Thankful for the continuing and amazing support and friendship offered by her "quilting family"! Members of Team Libby will be visiting the Festival to admire the "Inspired by Libby" exhibit and many other creative endeavors. We hope to meet and greet some of her friends and supporters there! 
(Inspired by the roller coaster emotions next week is already invoking, please bear with me in the musings below.)

Looking Forward
(Dedicated to Libby)

Looking forward, all is well.
The light is green, traffic is flowing.
Lean gently over, into a slight headwind,
Slowing your progress, but never stopping it.

Looking back are treasured snapshots,
Glorious in their day, but only reminders,
Remembrances of smooth and rocky paths,
All leading to a mountain top of friends and fans.

Climbing was easier than going down,
The valley of despair was the hardest part,
But now the hills are lower, more accessible,
As you take them one by one, climbing up again.

Discovering new places and new people,
Some always present and some brand new.
Revealing new gifts created out of old material,
With renewed strength tempered by compassion.

Ending up somewhere you have never been,
Surrounded by familiar hugs and new supports.
A place you needed help finding on darker days,
The light of Hope beckoning you to look forward.

Looking forward, all is well,
The light is green, traffic is flowing.
Lean gently over, into a slight headwind,
Slowing your progress, but never stopping it.

In humble appreciation,
Ellen 10-23-14

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Laura  Krasinski
By Laura Krasinski
I have tears. Very beautiful. Hope to see you this week.
Mary Franzen
By Mary Franzen
Libby you are one smart cookie. The quilt festival would be exhausting to a person in good health, but with your health in sort of a
Precarious state, it would be even more exhausting physically and emotionally. You are doing so well, it may not be a good idea at this time to put anything this big on your plate. When people come to visit you, you can control the visit's length and take a nap when you need to. Love always from Topeka!
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Beth Kennedy
By Beth
Such sweet sentiments. Can't wait to see her!
1 person hearted this
Cindy Calderwood
By Cindy
Thank you Ellen! Beautifully said.
1 person hearted this
Sharon Gaffor
By Sharon Gaffor
Wonderful poem Ellen. It sounds like a full schedule for Libby this week. I think she is making the right decision and concentrating on her therapies. From the previous posts, it also sounds like that concentrated effort is paying off. Now if they moved her favorite restaurant to the middle of the show - she would probably reconsider!!
1 person hearted this
Judy Chase
Ellen, that is so beautiful. Have you ever thought of publishing your poems? At the very least you should send that one to a few magazines. I am sure there are many people in the same situation who would find comfort and inspiration in your words.
I think Houston would be a mob scene for Libby, everyone would want to see her. Hopefully next year she'll be able to go from her own home, on her own two feet. Hopefully the following year she may just teach a class.

Blessings to Team Libby
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Cindy Alley
By Cindy Alley in State College, PA
Love your musings, Ellen. It is so special to share your story with all of you. I am off to Houston tomorrow. Libby will be in my heart all week.
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Janet Grosser
By Janet Grosser
And what a busy week it will be! You are doing a wonderful job Team Libby in helping Libby to climb the mountains before her and run through the valleys!
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Connie Elliott
By Connie Elliott
Lovely as ever, Ellen! What a creative family on all fronts!
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Diane Schultheiss
By Diane Schultheiss
Your writings are beautiful and powerful. To be able to express in words this journey you have been in with Libby is a beautiful gift! Someday they would make a beautiful work of art bound together. When you look at where Libby had been she is a miracle. I can understand her waiting to go to the quilt show this year but pray that one day she will be able to express her journey in her art work. May God continue to bless her and team Libby. Prayers for continued healing, strength and joy!
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