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This is the story of Levi David Ewing, our little miracle - the Bigga Boy.  On Monday, July 23rd what we thought was a simple case of strep throat was diagnosed as a brain tumor.  A 1.5 inch tumor located right in the middle of his brain plugging up hole where brain fluid normally drains.  This created excess fluid build up making Levi extremely sleepy and sick to his stomach.  From Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital in Memphis Tennessee the epic of how God is working in and through this little life will be inspiring to tell. We will take all the prayers we can get.  Thank you for helping us to love on our sweet boy.

Update for July 30th, Levi had a rough day yesterday being very sleepy and not opening his eyes much.  At some points he was awake but unable to open his eyes so we stayed by him almost the entire day standing next to his bed.  I think he threw up 5 times after nursing so they have decided to stop nursing for now and just give him fluides via IV.  Very painful as a father to look at him, knowing he was awake - playing with my face and hands but not opening his eyes.  He is getting lots of love as God has placed very special people all around us to care for him.  Our nurses this whole week, both our day and night nurse follow Jesus.  An amazing sign from God that He is in this even when we feel so alone.  To be able to pray with the ones who are taking care of Levi has been a huge encouragement.  He has also placed other families around us here in the ICU that are going through very difficult times with their babies.  This has given us an opportunity to pray for them and encourage them - trying to be strong when they are weak and vice versa.  One family was from Olive Branch Mississippi and they attend The Great Commission Church there.  Their little girl Micah is having rods put in her back for spinal curvature.

They are draining fluid off of Levi's brain this morning as he prepares for an MRI which will give doctors the info they need for surgery tomorrow. (Aug 1st) They have decided to go in and try to get another biopsy that they can use for labs and send off to determine treatment. The main problem with this tumor is that it is very "vascular" - meaning it has a lot of veins running to it. When they cut it, it will bleed ALOT. The danger of taking it out completely due to this fact outweighs everthing else. The plan is to determine the type of tumor and start the appropriate treatment (chemo, radiation).  More to come after we get results from the MRI. 

Levi is awake this morning as his binky just fell out and he reached out, picked it up and put it back in his mouth all by himself!  Good news to start the day.


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We are sorry for your loss of Levi. He certainly was a cute feller here on earth and is I am sure a beautiful Angel in heaven. Our Son Noah loved trains too. He went to ... Read more

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You can count us in!  This is an awesome idea.  You and Levi often cross my mind during the day as I'm caring for the children at the day care and whenever I hear the ... Read more

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Love this!!  We are in!  Looking forward to the details when you have them.  With Love, Kirk and Donna Read more

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Hi Nathan,What a wonderful idea that is and we hope to get some toys there for this blessing you are going to do. It will help to celebrate Levi and his life !! We also, ... Read more

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Hello everyone – it’s been awhile since I’ve written on this site.  There are lots of reasons for that: sadness, stress, general busyness of life.  None of them ... Read more

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