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Leonard’s Story

dear family and friends..
i was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer 11/3/10, and am in treatment daily. The story follows, but there is news that friends and colleagues have set up a medical/healthcaring scholarship for the community for young people who are inspired to serve their fellow man in the wide field of medical care.   

If you are new to this site, the background follows and I try to journal frequently, and most of all I cherish your entries every morning, love to all, leonard

Last spring I noticed that I heard myself wheezing when I was lying down at night. This progressed to a cough without anything coming up. I was also noticing that i could not perform in my exercise activities, swimming, biking and jogging like I could before. Thought it was asthma and used an inhaler that didn't work. I tried others and thought it was a little better, but finally went to a colleague, had a chest xray and pulmonary function testing which were normal around the first of August. I had a serious worsening of symptoms when Ian and Hoa visited and I caught a cold. The asthma treatment helped significantly but I went ahead and planned a visit to the pulmonary specialist for late october hoping that I wouldn't need him by then. By the time I saw him I was short of breath with just about any activity. My PFT's were still in the normal range, but at his instructions I brought home an oximeter and checked after walking and jogging a short distance. The oxygen went way down and I ended up that night getting a CT scan which showed the tumor. This was last Saturday night, 10/30. Since then it has been a roller coaster of emotions. The shock, doubt, hope, sadness, but most of all the joy and aliveness that has come with all the love. My world is full of people I care about and that is about all I have really cared about. I love the outdoors, being in nature, but it is somehow secondary to the people. You are all part of my being. Thank you soooooo.....


Latest Journal Update

Celebration of A Well Lived Life

We have finalized a date and place to honor this great fellow in the playful spirit he brought to his daily life; we'll gather at Parque de Vida at the pond and covered stage by the recreational center on Oct. 14,Sunday, 1:00, with good humor, music and mischief; just as he would want it. Please let all who have traveled with him know of the occasion, as we celebrate a life well lived...blessings to you all, jeanne and ian