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Since Mason was about 5 months old, we were told that he had severe reflux (GERD). We couldn't teach him to eat, feed him a bottle, or even give him treats. He had to be tube-fed into his Jejeunum (a portion of his intestines) and not his stomach to prevent him aspirating on anything he refluxed and also take strong medication for it.

Fast forward 22 months.

He continues to have issues with his esophagus stricturing. His doctors suggested that the reflux is probably the reason why his esophagus is acting that way so they wanted to do surgery and put in a nissen fundoplication, which would "wrap" the top portion of his stomach so that reflux would be impossible. We were scared of him undergoing yet another surgery and questioned it. In our minds, what if his reflux ISN'T the cause of the esophageal issues? Wouldn't a nissen make his already slow swallow due to the stricture and his history of an esophageal atresia/TE fistula worse? So, they decided to do a test to see how severe the reflux is and if this surgery would be worth it. Mason was hospitalized for 24 hours with a probe down his nose and into his esophagus to monitor everything that happened there.

Well, we just received the results of the test: little to no reflux was observed. I'm excited at the results and that we were able to avoid another unnecessary surgery, but also PISSED!!! We missed out on 22 months of normal feedings! Mason is now 2 years old and refuses to eat anything! We still have the issue of his esophagus closing up though so there are still no answers for that and it's a bumming reality. I really wish things were simpler for my little guy.

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1 Comment

Bonnie Ermilio
By Bonnie Ermilio
Maly, I'm so happy that the test showed hardly any reflux so sweet Mason doesn't have to go through another surgery so soon. Yes, it's very frustrating not to have the answer as to why his esophagus seems to close. I'm praying that you'll be able to find a doctor that can tell you exactly what's happening and help Mason. I'm sending LOTS of hugs, kisses and prayers to Mason and to you.