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Smiths Medical bone marrow drive

With TIm at Smiths Medical

With TIm at Smiths Medical

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We had a bone marrow drive today at Smiths Medical and I'm so happy because it went so well! The kids and I went to speak yesterday in front of a big crowd of the employees and a past donor also came to speak. I cried during my speech and I happened to notice a few people tear up too. It felt good to express my emotions on how hard this journey has been for us. I was nervous today during our drive, but people heard and they wanted to help. We received a total of 40 people who registered and out of those folks, 30 are Hmong! Mason's matching donor could be among them! My heart is so full of joy right now!

Also, when we were there, Eddison needed to use the bathroom so I walked down the hall to show him the bathroom and on my way back, I noticed that they had a wall displaying what they manufactured there so I stopped to take a look and I couldn't believe my eyes! Smiths Medical make the equipment within Mason right now! If it weren't for those equipment being an option, Mason would not have been able to come home. He'd still be in the ICU. I was literally without words! I told my findings to the Smiths Medical employees and they were so excited to finally get to meet a patient that they got to help with their work. It was no accident that our paths crossed yesterday and today. God has a miraculous plan for us!