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24-hr PH Impedence Study

We are 8 hours into Mason's 24-hour reflux diagnostic test and we're already so ready to be back home! A tube was inserted via Mason's nose and down into his esophagus just to above his stomach to monitor his reflux. He was given some medication to help him be calm during the procedure, but unfortunately it didn't take complete affect until after the procedure ended so he fought us during and then slept all afternoon after. It's now midnight and he's up. Sadly, mom and dad are now used to being awake for almost 24 hours so mom's going to be fine LOL Anyway, so far, Mason's refluxed to the point of spitting up stomach contents 3 times already and they were all while he was wide awake. We had a little scare just 30 minutes ago when his trach tie became undone and his trach came out, but I immediately called the nurse and we got him sorted out and back to normal within minutes. It's funny that I know exactly what the issues are now just by how Mason is breathing. His room was pitch-black, but as soon as I heard him breathing "that way", I knew his trach was out. He didn't complain or anything! He just sat there patiently as the nurse and I fixed his trach and tie! Such a good baby and so ready to go home! Just a few more hours and then we'll hopefully have answers for his strictures!