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  • Oliver

    Written Jan 4, 2012 12:26pm

    This is Eric.  It's been a long time (six months!) since I updated.  I apologize.  Lots of busy-ness here.  Teagan is getting older, now 7.  In second grade.  Still the socialite, tons of friends and tons of talking.  Her reading has vastly improved in the past few months, and her scores reflect this.  She had good grades, and now has great grades.  She has always been strong in math, and now her other grades have caught up.

    Wyatt is awesome.  He's five.  He is reading smaller words, and loves it.  Very smart.  He loves music, and memorizes songs quickly.  He got a drum set for Christmas, and I hope that he uses it as an instrument more than a toy.  Time will tell!

    Oliver is the topic here.  He is now three.  Loving and smiling, always happy.  He is very physical, wearing out shoes, and almost as strong as his older siblings.  He is a quick study on how to do anything, a master mimic of whatever his sibs do.  Bad news, though.  Oliver had a bump on his head that we discovered over the holidays was a cancer.  We are currently in a 85% survivability group, but we will know more in the next week or two.  This does not seem to be related to Leah's cancer.  He did not get it from her.  His cancer is rare (350 cases per year), and Leah's was rare in it's aggressiveness and getting it before menopause.  There is a possibility of a genetic predisposition to these things, but it is not likely.

    Anyway, I made a site for him.  I am sure that you all will be interested in Oliver since you cared about Leah.  www.caringbridge.org/visit/oliverloehr  

    We are currently at Children's Medical Center here in Dallas, a great facility, and we will be undergoing a lot of tests in the next few days to determine the current status and the future plan of attack.

    I am sure that Leah is looking down from above and steering things in the best possible direction.

    Many thanks in advance for your care and concern.  We are in good shape right now, with friends and family close by.  When we need some help, I will be sure to reach out.

  • One Year has passed

    Written Jul 26, 2011 3:47pm

    One year ago today, Leah Siegel passed away in the early morning.  She didn't quite make it to two years after first having symptoms.


    In the year since then, we have had many months of adjusting to life without Leah.  The kids and I have tried a few different things.  Currently, my mother, MarySue, is coming in the mornings and the evenings, ferrying the kids to and from daycare or camp.  It helps greatly, and the kids like seeing her each day.

    Teagan has had a summer full of day camps.  At the Arboretum, Saint Marks, Hockaday, the Museum of Nature and Science, and currently in Telluride.  She will have a hard time adjusting back to school life where they expect her to sit still for six hours a day.  Her swimming has improved greatly.  She has a good freestyle, and can string together many strokes between breaths.

    The boys are at Dealey Daycare.  I want to do a weekend getaway with them so they can have some sense of a summer break.  Not sure where, and I'm running out of summer.  But, we'll figure something out.  Wyatt is become a little gentleman.  Very polite and well-mannered.  His meltdowns are shorter and farther between, and he has learned that it's often better to let his little brother win.  Oliver is doing just about everything the older kids are doing.  He's got great physical talents.  He tries to swim.  He loves going under water, and has no fear of jumping off the diving board.

    I am doing fine.  Just working a lot.

    I am going to "buy" a tree at the Arboretum for Leah.  I sponsor a tree, and they put a bronze plaque on the tree, forever supposedly.  The tree I like is a Montezuma cypress.  It lives forever, and grows tall and pretty.  Other cypress trees have knees, the roots that grow out of the ground - this one does not.  Also, other cypress have a conical trunk, fat at the bottom, getting slender quickly.   These grow pretty straight.  The largest circumfrence tree in the world is apparently a Montezuma Cypress that is in Mexico and is thousands of years old.  I have a couple picked out at the Arboretum and will pick one soon.  It will give the kids a place to go whenever they feel like it.

    No special occassions planned for today.  I have talked with the kids.  I think in future years, we will have more of an event, but for now, they have a hard time gauging what a year is, so no need for any special event.

    So, we are all doing well.  Best wishes to each of you.  I know we are all in your thoughts from time to time and we appreciate it.

  • Written Jun 16, 2011 9:46am

    It's been a while.  A lot has happened!


    Teagan is no longer a first grader!  She will be/is a second grader.  She had a fever on her graduation ceremony day, so we sat in the audience and watched as her classmates sang cute songs.  Each of the kids gets recognized for three things.  Hers were Art, Improvement in Reading, and Math.

    Teagan also graduated from being a girl scout Daisy to a Brownie.  They have a cute ceremony where they cross a bridge.  On one side they are a Daisy, on the other they become a Brownie.

    Teagan has a summer full of camps.  The first week was at The Arboretum where they did outdoorsy things.  This week and next are at St. Marks.  St. Mark's was my high school, so Teagan thinks it is just the coolest.  There are still many pictures of me up on the walls for our wrestling teams.  We were pretty good, and a couple of the moms were big on pictures back then.  She has more camps planned at Hockaday (another 1-12 school), some time in Colorado with her Neenee and Poppop, a week at the Museum of Nature and Science, and a week with grandmas.  She is also taking a lot of swim lessons.  She might grow a tail yet!

    Her reading skills are progressing greatly.  She has a list of about twelve summer reading  books, and she needs to read two of them.  I suspect that she'll read all of them.  I think she misses a few words per page, but she is getting there.  I think Harry Potter will be her first big set of books!

    The boys are doing well.  They are in their daycare at Dealey.  Wyatt has a whole year before he'll be in Kindergarten, and Oliver will be two years behind him.  Oliver could go a year early (that is, just one year behind Wyatt even though he is two years younger) since Oliver is before the cutoff and Wyatt is after.  We'll make that decision later.

    Wyatt is taking swimming lessons this week.  It's a challenge for me to have three kids in a pool when only one can swim, and I don't want the boys to get used to floaties.  So, the goal is to get Wyatt proficient enough to be safe in the pool without floaties.  Oliver will take some lessons, too, but I don't think he has the body to be safe without floaties yet.  He's very strong and coordinated for a 2 1/2 year old, but his cranium is hard to keep upright in the water.  His current fun thing is to jump off the side of the pool and be underwater until someone pulls him up.  It's pretty fun for him!

    I am well.  Nothing very exciting.  Work.  Wyatt has Tball, and he likes to hit the ball, but doesn't like to field.  So, we only play one side of the ball for now.  Oliver is getting good at Tball just because he tries to keep up.  Oliver is almost better than Wyatt at getting dressed, getting cold water out of the fridge, opening doors, and other around-the-house things.  And, Oliver's feet are almost as big as Wyatt's.  Wyatt is an 11, and Oliver is a 10.  I plan on taking them to Stride Rite to see if that's correct, because it seems crazy.


    I get kind words from many of you from time to time.  I appreciate it.  I think we are doing pretty well. We have the anniversary of Leah's passing next month, and we plan on doing something.  Not sure what just yet.  Then, birthday season starts.  Ollie on August 14, Teagan on August 30, Leah on September 2, me on October 17, and Wyatt on October 23.  And then the holidays.  Time flies!

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