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happy solstice.  early this morning, LEAH left us.  leave it to her to pick the shortest day of the year, possibly to "shorten" our suffering.  she's always been thoughtful that way.

last night we (myself, ken, shirley, a dog and a couple of cats) were upstairs with LEAH watching one of our favorite xmas movies (love actually), when near the end of the movie (during the joyous, though manipulative, 3rd act), LEAH ceased breathing.  we clocked it at 12:02am, give or take a minute or two.  the nurse came out, noted lack of pulse and called it at 1:11am 12-21-2012.  around 3:15, kurt, from the cremation society, arrived with the van.  after much paperwork, me and ken carried LEAH down the stairs, to the gurney on the back porch and wheeled her into the van.  we plan on bringing home her ashes on sunday.

there will be a memorial service in the near future, probably after the holidays (depending on building availability).  her obit info will be dropped off sunday and published sometime next week (st. paul, mpls, and glenwood city papers).

as we've often said, sincerely, we thank you all for the love, energy and support you have bestowed and focussed upon us. LEAH loved it. this has been an extremely long journey.  we are very proud and honored to have been along with LEAH as she handled this brutal situation with grace, dignity, strength and transparency.  she left this world as she lived it-on her own terms. she is now pain free.

me, i'm blessed and will continue to be blessed to have shared some time with her.  i'm one of the fortunate ones to have met my soulmate in this life. she told me recently, that she would be my "special ghost".  i dared her. no matter what, she is part of the fabric of my being.

I LOVE LEAH    sadly/proudly   rob