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hello.  we have learned that the most recent test result numbers, of the CA 19-9 tumor marker, have more than doubled since this third round of chemo has begun.  at over 900 the number is at the highest level ever.  given leah's continuing level of pain, discomfort and inability to eat, this is not surprising.

leah has chosen to quit the chemo treatments and make the move towards hospice.  we will be contacting dr. basu to make the necessary arrangements.  

while at the eau claire hospital, a short time back, leah had several discussions with a palliative care nurse, who comforted her with the information that in house/home hospice could be arranged and that her pain could/would be managed.  these are now the steps we are taking.

we understand that many of you will wish to visit leah.  please allow us some time to acclimate to this new "phase" of hospice and be assured we will communicate visiting arrangements in the near future.

as always, with heavy and grateful hearts, we thank each and every one of you for your continued love and support over this long and brutal ordeal.

with lots of love          rob and leah