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Leah’s Story

On March 28th, 2011 Leah received the news that she may have ovarian cancer.  She had been having "stomach" issues for the past month or so.  These were attributed to: a change in diet, an ulcer, a urinary tract infection, constipation &/or menopause. After two visits to Urgent Care Leah visited her primary doctor who ordered a CT Scan. The results showed an ovarian/pelvic mass, which was affecting one of her kidneys.  A total hysterectomy followed as well as many other tests to determine the source of her cancer.  Read more about Leah's story in her journal entries.

Latest Journal Update

life goes on....

hello.  well it's been a month now since Leah left us.  things are slowly settling down here at our "cozy little hideaway" we call Greenvale.  the news cycle has moved on, as it always does and the sun is staying around longer each day-i'm told that there is 40 more minutes of daylight now, than on that fateful solstice day.  

i've finally gotten through all the cards and gifts (you people are a very kind and generous group) though i have yet to view most of the pictures from the beautiful memorial service Leah custom ordered. they still choke me up.  but there are many, many good shots and it is felt that nearly everyone that was there is in a picture or two (special thanks to photogs-brent, neza and steve) and i look forward to going thru all of the hundreds of pictures one day soon.  maybe it'll be one of those "rainy day" projects.

as i mentioned at the beginning, things are quiet out here.  and it's quite strange, as we've never really been known as the "quiet ones", well at least not me.  several mammy nuns have been coming out to make music  (usually loud) with me, knowing it's good for my soul. we tend to play songs that Leah loved to play.

many of you have sent notes of Leah visitations and dreams.  i love to hear those and am patiently waiting for her to visit me in a dream or....     
in the mean time, i finally understand why so many families, friends and lovers try to carry on a deceased loved ones projects-it's a way to keep them alive.  and in that vain, we're moving forward with the musical project Rock For The Rules Vol. 2, "a Musical Quilt for Leah". we're about halfway to the 55 band/song mark.  it's a beautiful project and Leah loved the concept and songs she was able to hear, choose and approve.  the music is one big "warm fuzzy", thus a Quilt.
it is a large project so it will take some time, but when it's done, i'm sure most of you will hear about it and hopefully hear it too.

also, as i slowly go through Leah's notes and journals, i see she has the next issue of Rural Fox (her "zine about her life in the country) all outlined and partially complete.  so, after a few discussions, i've decided to finish up the next issue and send it out to her "subscribers".  as she was so ultra organized and since i was a part of the whole process for all issues,  it will be a fairly easy undertaking. and, to top it off, several artist friends have approached me about contributing a Leah related story or drawing, done in the spirit of Rural Fox, to this next issue, which will be #18.  so, if you have something that you'd like to maybe have included, please contact me.

so , as i "jokingly" now refer to myself, i am now the "caretaker of the world's largest Leah Shrine, that i know of".  and being thus, there are dogs to walk, cats to entertain, gardens to plan and plant, a barn to finish, cows to water, songs to write, a mammy nuns record to record, drawings to draw, painting to paint, stories to write and a couple of festivals to plan (GYD and Moonshine).  

so while i dearly, dearly, dearly miss my Love, i'm surrounded by her-her projects, her art, her music, her image, her movies, her clothes, her library, her memory, her friends, our families, her dream home and on and on and on.  "i don't love her more, but i don't love her any less...." 

so if you have a Leah experience, anytime soon, i'd love to hear about.  thank you all for your love and support, it's truly magical.  

"ob la di ob la da life goes on......"

much love from Greenvale.........i still love Leah.........rob