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My Story

On March 28th, 2011 Leah received the news that she may have ovarian cancer.  She had been having "stomach" issues for the past month or so.  These were attributed to: a change in diet, an ulcer, a urinary tract infection, constipation &/or menopause. After two visits to Urgent Care Leah visited her primary doctor who ordered a CT Scan. The results showed an ovarian/pelvic mass, which was affecting one of her kidneys.  A total hysterectomy followed as well as many other tests to determine the source of her cancer.  Read more about Leah's story in her journal entries.


Robert Rule posted a new journal entry, "life goes on....".

hello.  well it's been a month now since Leah left us.  things are slowly settling down here at our "cozy little hideaway" we call Greenvale.  the news cycle ... Read more

janet heezen signed Leah's Guestbook.

Well rob, Leah was in and out of dreams all night,,,,, she was holding hands with her mom and dad, they were at her sides and you were in front of her,,,, just thought I ... Read more

Kristen K signed Leah's Guestbook.

Leah, M and I were out and about today, and I bought M a fairy for her to add to her growing fairy family that she plays with. Whether in her room during the snow ... Read more

Stacy Cain signed Leah's Guestbook.

Rob & families,   I feel so Blessed to have all of you in my life via Leah!  My friend left my life to soon, after a mere brush...I know we will reunite ... Read more

Kim Ellis signed Leah's Guestbook.

Hi Rob, Thanks for sharing your beautiful and comforting thoughts about keeping Leah's memory alive. As I don't have direct contact with you, I am happy to hear you are ... Read more

andy deckard signed Leah's Guestbook.

We love you Robbie!!! You make a lot of people extremely happy on a regular basis. 7&Casey Read more

shirley strom signed Leah's Guestbook.

Hello Rob, There isn't a night that goes by that Leah isn't present in my dreams or half dream, half wake state. I think they're memories replayed but I am so hoping she ... Read more

Pat Moriarity signed Leah's Guestbook.

Yes, Leah has also surfaced in my subconcious dream states here and there recently. I can't think of anything specific but it always is a cartoon thing. One artist to ... Read more

Dale Anderson signed Leah's Guestbook.

Rob, You always have,are and will always be, "THE MAN", in my book! Sooner than Later! Greetings from Ottertail Dale from Ottertail! Read more

Brian Drake signed Leah's Guestbook.

Thanks for the cool update, Rob. It was the first thing I read this a.m. after logging on to the 'confuser'...and it is good medicine for me after being down with the flu ... Read more

janet heezen signed Leah's Guestbook.

Hi rob, thanks for the update , I was at work today and thought I wonder , how you are doing , and here it is, even though it has been 20 years , since Leah and I had seen ... Read more

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