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Hi Everyone,

I had this halfway written, got a phone call, and something happened and I had to restart my computer and lost it all. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. So here goes again, but I might shorten it.

Last Monday we went to breakfast at The Frontier with our girlfriends. Lauren and I were there as well as Debbie B. and her daughter, Jill, Dawn and her grandson's girlfriend, April, Debbie J and Ruth. We had a nice time and great food. Everyone had things to do, so we weren't there that long. Lauren had a dentist appt. in the afternoon. She finally got her crown. We were there for a few hours. Her tooth looks great. It looks exactly like all of her other teeth. Great job, Dr. B!! Our next door neighbor, Dee Dee came over and brought a big pot of chicken and dumpling soup she had made. We had a nice visit with her. The soup was great. Then Lauren got a phone call from the HR manager at Cintas, where she used to work. She has been on a leave since Sept. of last year. She told Lauren that she had been officially terminated, but she would have a job anytime she was well enough to come back. I was just worried about the health insurance. We finally got it straightened out and I will tell you about it later.

Mark was at a training seminar for work on Tuesday and Wednesday in Erie PA, so Lauren and I could do whatever. Which was not much. Lauren did go shopping for awhile with Jill. She came home with a few things.Lauren was supposed to go to bowling with Gio, but decided not to because she didn't feel very good. She had a lot of back pain. She wanted me to take her to Marc's because she felt like cooking. So I did. She bought a pizza mix and brownie mix. She made homemade pizza and brownies with a chocolate chip crust. Everything was really good, especially since I didn't have to cook.

Mark was off on Thursday so we went to breakfast at The Frontier again. We went and looked around at the new Hartville Hardware. It is so huge. There was even a model home inside which was gorgeous. We took the cover off our pool and filled it a little. So happy it is almost summer. Lauren went to Gio's and made him dinner.

Lauren and I were on the phone for a long time on Friday about insurance and stuff. Really frustrating. They couldn't do anything just yet because the HR from Cintas didn't declare a termination date so we are left in limbo. I also called Uof M to see if the practice test was ok and Lauren can have the Therasphere procedure. Dr. Novelli's nurse practitioner finally called us back after 5:00 and said the doctor had already left for the weekend. She said she would call us back on Monday to let us know what the doctor said, but she thinks if Lauren failed the practice test , she would have already heard about it. She said the procedure is still scheduled, so she is pretty sure it is a go.

Lauren and Gio went to his cousin's First Communion party on Saturday morning. They were there most of the day and then went shopping. Saturday was Cinco de Mayo, so us four went to El  Rincon for dinner. I could eat there everyday, but Mark doesn't like to go there that often. I don't think we had been there for a few months and I always crave their food. Lauren hasn't really wanted their food much either. But finally, Gio and I got our way and got to go there. It was so good. Lauren and Gio went to his house to get some work done. Lauren ended up sleeping on the couch while Gio worked.

We had a big breakfast on Sunday. Lauren and Gio went with his Mom and bought a push mower. His Grandpa already bought him a nice riding mower. Mark went over and he and Gio did a lot of yard work. They cut down bushes, cleaned out flower beds, and just got the yard looking good. Lauren and I went to my friend, Debbie's daughter, Jill's college graduation party. It was outside and such a nice day. We were there for about an hour and went to Gio's. We were going to paint. I ordered pizza and salad for dinner and Lauren went with me to pick it up. After dinner, Mark wanted to go home because he had worked all day. So, I never did paint. Lauren and Gio painted until late.

Lauren called about her insurance again on Monday. They finally had submitted her termination date so they are getting everything handled and she will be on COBRA. Her insurance went up and is like three times as expensive now. But it is good insurance, so we will have to deal with it. She can have this for 18mos. and then can get an extension for 11 more months at an even higher rate if she gets a letter from her disability. By then, she can also get on medicare. So we will worry about that later. The guy she spoke with said he will call her back with the details once he gets her enrolled. We decided to go to Grinders for lunch. Lauren's phone rang when we were there and it was the insurance guy. She went outside to take the call. Everything is handled and she has insurance. Sigh. We had a nice lunch and then went shopping at Marc's. We bought some flowers for outside too. I made broccoli cheese soup for dinner and made Mark a hobo dinner with ham, potatoes, green beans and cheese.Lauren took some soup with them when Gio came to pick her up. They went to paint.

So all of this stuff that happened this week with the insurance and the Theraspheres would have had me such a nervous wreck before Lauren had cancer. Now, I freak a little, but then don't worry too much about stuff. Nothing really matters anymore except for Lauren to get better. That is it. Life goes on with everything else and things usually work out. But nothing really matters, except that Lauren gets better. Please pray for her next week when she has her procedure. This really has the potential to help her a lot. We will be participating in Relay For Life in June. If you would like to join our team or make a donation, I will post details next time. Thanks for helping. Please pray for all of our CC friends. Some are not doing very well and really need prayers. Thank you all and god bless you.

Love, -Pam