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Wednesday morning update

Good Morning!

Kami was able to stay in the room with Lauren last night.  I just heard from her with an update.  The doctor hasn't made rounds yet but Lauren had a pretty good night.  She ran a little bit of a fever but it seems to be down now.  They decreased her medicine to check her responses and she responded to Kami's voice during this time.  

I myself am overwhelmed at almost 5,500 visits to her caringbridge site.  There is power in prayer and they are being seen and felt.  Thank you for visiting here and stay tuned for another update later today.

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Jay Bonner
You are in my Prayers Sweetie,Lord knows i'm so sick of all of this gun violence.
Becky Carlisle
By Becky Carlisle
Praying for Lauren and the family!
1 person hearted this
Holly Perlich
By Holly Perlich
I do not know Lauren but am lifting her family and her up to our Lord for healing, and comfort.
Joni Chambliss
By Joni Chambliss and Betty Simmons
Prayers for Lauren and all the family - may you all be blessed with health and peace.
Frances Kulovitz
By Frances and Pat Kulovitz
Prayers going up!
Angela Conner
By Angela Conner
Praying for Lauren and the family! Glad to hear good news
Angie Jeansonne
By Angie Jeansonne
Praise God!
Sheri Robertson
By Sheri Robertson
Sara Swigart
By Sara Swigart
Prayers for Lauren
Alexa Dillard
By Alexa Dillard
Stay strong pretty girl we know you can do this ❤️