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Lauren Elizabeth’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about Lauren's fight against Leukemia. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.                                                                 



Latest Journal Update

Make A Wish Fundraiser-Lolo's 13th Birthday

What a week!

Here is the link to the Make a Wish fundraiser:  http://friends.wish.org/018-000/page/Leslee-Hacker/Lolo's-Birthday.htm

Last week, right after I posted this entry, Lolo tore the ligament of her right hand.  She was in the emergency room for most of the night and had a follow-up with the orthopedic surgeon.  I was so worried about her upcoming oncology appointment, I was really ready for another injury.  But, like most things, Lolo handled it pretty well.  It hurt a lot and she is extremely bummed out that she has to sit out of her Elite volleyball team for the next month.  She is still going to practice and watched them all last Sunday in a tournament.  However, she cannot play....at all.  In fact, if the ligament tears completely, she will have to have surgery.  So, no activity at all.  This is hard for Lauren.  She is "all thrust, no vector" and keeping her safe is a full time job.  I think she might be a little bit like her mom.

I picked her up Wednesday for her doctor's appointment.  She was a total drama queen.  But, I have to admit, I could have just kissed her the whole time.  She was so upset at having to get her blood drawn...no finger poke this time.  She hid, she cried, and then Anisa, Ithaca, and I all had to hold her down.  She cried her little eyes out.  It was strange for Anisa and I to watch her be so upset since she handled all of her procedures in the hospital without a peep or a complaint.  Well, actually, her bandage changes over her central line always burned her skin and made her cry.  But, most everything else, she handled like a little soldier.  Watching her have big crocodile tears run down her face tugged at my heartstrings.  I am kind of tough on her.  I make her face the reality that is her life.  But, I sat there in the doctor's office that day and decided it was time to baby her a bit.  I always felt like babying her too much through this ordeal was going to make it even harder on her.  But, I think she....and we, have had enough.  I posted pictures of her doctor's visit because I wanted her to also remember how much she is loved by Nurse Anisa and crazy Dr. Coulter.  They make her smile and forget her worries. I genuinely love these people.  We waited and talked to the doctors and then received some awesome news.  Lauren's blood counts looked so good!  In fact, they looked better than they ever have. Even her platelets looked normal.  She will not have to be seen again until June. Then, she will have to have her heart re-evaluated for the decreased efficiency that she suffered as a result of the chemotherapy.  It was still decreased last echocardiogram.  She will have it rechecked in June.  I was on pins and needles for the last few weeks waiting for this appointment.  I was a bit sick to my stomach all day, especially because Lolo seems so tired and has had a hard week because of the torn ligament.  Dr. Coulter pointed out that Lolo isn't only doing well, but she is injured because she is such a jock!!!  Go get 'em, Lolo!  Go, Lolo, Go!!!

So, the rest of the week has been pretty good.  Except, I have been flat on my back with a bad respiratory infection.  I have taken it lying down.  I have just been resting and catching up on all my Netflix.  I have given in.  But, I have had a smile on my face the rest of this week.  I cannot describe how grateful I am.  Please let it last!

Lolo's birthday is tomorrow 3-7-15.  She will be 13 years old.  She is also celebrating on 3-9 as "Taylor Came Day" to commemorate the day Taylor came to see her in the hospital.  LIke most 13 year olds, she wants a phone.  I guess I can say, she isn't like most 13 year olds, she doesn't have one yet.  Hmmm....maybe I will loosen up and compromise.  Jonathan didn't get one until he was in 8th grade.  We went out to sushi tonight with a few of her friends.  She told her friends that she didn't really need any presents, but she would like to raise money for "Make-A-Wish."  She is still on Cloud 9 that she was able to do her "Make-A-Wish" trip to Paris this last summer.  So, we set up a fundraiser page for our friends and relatives.  Please, if you would like to help us celebrate that our girl is with us and turning into a terrible teenager, see the link below and donate to "Make a Wish" in honor of Lolo's 13th Birthday.  My birthday is next week.  I think I got the best present ever this week and can't imagine anything that could come close to being as good as knowing that Leukemia is not part of our present reality.  I wish we could put it behind us forever.  In the meantime, hopefully, her fundraiser will generate some money to help make another kid's wishes come true!  My little Pisces twin is growing up.....Thank God!!!  Wouldn't it be cool if Taylor challenged people to donate...after all, 13 is TS's favorite number!  Maybe we should challenge her.  Make a Wish would be granting wishes left and right!  I know, I am such a dreamer.  That is the characteristic of most Pisces.  Lolo is one as well!