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Ready for the Sun

     Lauren is doing really well.  The pain in her arms has subsided enough that she is starting to do most of the writing in her classes.  She has been given permissino to use an iPad and write with the tips of her fingers.  She likes this a lot.  She has been going to her volleyball practices and helping the coach.  She likes to be connected to her team.  We will find out next week if she can remove the splints or will have to have a cast for one or both of her arms.  It has been about 7 weeks on Monday.  I can tell that she is feeling much better because she has a lot more energy.  Her last oncology appointment went really well.  We will be back the first Wednesday of February. 
     This week's edition of Woman's World magazine features an article about Lauren and her classmates.  It is a national magazine.  So, if you get a chance, check it out.  The picture is really sweet in it. 
     Other than that, life is getting back to normal.  OUr house is done.  Finally, done.  They did a beautiful job.  I will be spending the next few months actually moving into all the spaces of it.  Our new ping pong table has become our new focus.  I forgot how competitive Phil and I can be with each other.  I am determined to kick his behind.  But, last game he only beat me by two points.  Lo still needs to master the game, but two broken arms is a hindrance in the pursuit of ping pong greatness.  I am going to work on my Christmas cards next week.  I am not really worried that they will be getting there closer to Valentine's Day than Christmas.  The picture is way too cute not to send out and I just couldn't do it over Christmas.  The old me is gone.  No more baking marathons or Martha Stewart inspired Christmas perfection.  We hung out with each other and had a pretty good dinner and went to mass.  No over the top presents or mind blowing vacation.  We were just there with each other.  I kind of liked it.
     Lauren continues to love being in school.  Her teachers are helping me just go with the flow on her progress.  She is happy at school and I think the rest will fall into place.  That is a gift!
     Lo and I are looking forward to a little excursion together.  We are going to get some sun and hike.  We are planning some girl time and a visit with some family.  It will be nice to escape the cold and play.  I love the Omaha community.  But, I am a sunshine and summer kind of girl.  I am looking forward to an escape.  I will post pictures when we get back.  Keep your prayers coming.  They are keeping us afloat and I appreciate every one of them.