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April 1, 2013

Tomorrow will be 7th months since the accident.  At times it seems like it was just yesterday and then at other times it seems like it was a life time ago.

We are adjusting to life at home, the reality of living without the burn unit there to meet your every need.  I don't think there was anyway to prepare us for the shock and awe of re-entry into the real world.  Even after several months Laura still text or calls her burn nurses to get answers to questions that we feel only burn personnel will know.  Our Bozeman medical folks are great and helping all they can.  They continue to be impressed with Laura Lee's ability to heal.  Her right leg surgery is healing very well.  Probably one more bone graft to that leg to fill in some more spots where she needs bone.

Laura has not lost her sense of humor about any of this, she named her right leg "Lucky".  That is the leg that has been through so many obstacles -- being crushed, vascular surgery, many different skin grafts, orthopedic surgeries and staph infections of the bone.  The leg is looking better all of the time.  She as named her left leg "Mr. T".  That leg has to take on every transfer into and out of her wheelchair because she is not allowed to put any weight on "Lucky".  That leg is really getting muscular which is where it gets it's name.

Still many milestones to go...but I'm sure that Laura Lee will continue to face them with the same strength and courage she has exhibited for the last 7 months.