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Annual Checkup - Year 8

July 18, 2014 Update - Had my Annual Checkup at the Mayo Clinic today - eight years down and four to go.  It was a long day of tests and scans but the results were all good - the tumor in the eye remains "dead" or at least dormant and no sign of any other cancer that has taken hold or spread.  That is always great news and a relief.  The lungs and liver still look cancer free so a good thing.  The only issue is still the high pressure in my left eye - the one I have lost my vision in - as the cataract has some surrounding scar tissue that is blocking some of the venting for the eye and allowing pressure to increase.  If too high, it will be damaging to the eye and become quite painful.  Dr. Smith will discuss wth Dr. Pulido and we may need to do surgery to fix including removing the cataract but that scar tissue is a problem.  In the meantime, I will be taking a couple more eye drop medications each day to help with the venting of the pressure.  Overall, a very good day.  My last appointment of the day with Dr. Smith was scheduled for 3:30pm but didn't get in until after 5:30pm - very busy around here.  Thanks so much for all of you who continue to offer support and follow these updates - means a lot to me!  Take Care.
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Vicky Frigen
By Vicky Frigen
Great News regarding your checkup at Mayo!!
Thanks for keeping us posted. Take care Brother!
Karla Cross
By Karla Cross
Hi Larry, I was glad to learn of the good test results you received on your annual Mayo Clinic checkup!! Yay!! I'm so happy you are still cancer free and pray that that continues. Sorry to hear that your left eye has some troubles and I hope you will not reach the point where you experience pain. I hope you were able to celebrate the good news you received. Take care.
Sharon Schacher
By Sharon Schacher
Great news - God is so good. Blessings to you
Rose Noesen
By Rose Noesen
Great news
Cathi Chial
Yipeeeeeeee!!! Good news. Safe travels. Luv from Cathi and Larry
Sheryl James
So happy to hear good health continues for you. Always offering up prayer. God Bless.