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My Story

Welcome to my CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep family and friends updated.

My left eye is where the melanoma tumor is located. We treated it with radiation from March 6th through March 10th of 2006. All reports and tests have shown that the melanoma was confined to the eye, which is great news. The support from family and friends has been tremendous!

Thanks again.


January 25, 2006 is the day that my life changed. I went to my Optometrist for a routine eye exam at 1:30 in the afternoon and by the end of that day, I had been told by an Ophthalmologist that I had Choroidal Melanoma, a cancerous tumor, in my left eye. That evening I called my family and told them of the fight I was in for. The next day, a Thursday, I spent the afternoon at Meritcare with my Internal Medicine doctor and they ran a full set of tests to check to see if the cancer had spread to the lungs or liver - or anyplace else, for that matter - as it usually does. On Friday, I had a CT scan and continued with tests to see if the cancer was only in the eye or had spread. The test results were read and it was a clean report - it had not spread, up to this point. On Tuesday, January 31st, we headed down to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and met Dr. Pulido, a specialist in eye tumors, and he ran a full day of tests and ultra sound measurements to determine the size of the tumor and to discuss treatment options. All of my children were there with Sheila and me so we discussed the treatment option - remove the eye to remove the tumor or treat the eye with radiation in an attempt to save the eye. I chose to go with the Radiation Treatment. We went back to West Fargo and waited for the radiation disk to be built and on March 6th, I was admitted to Methodist Hospital in Rochester and they did surgery to attach the radiation disk to my eye. I remained inpatient for the week as the disk radiated the tumor and they removed the disk that Friday, March 10th. I had an appointment on April 12th at Mayo to check to see how the eye had healed from the surgery - it healed up nicely. I have gone back to Mayo on July 26th and October 25th in 2006 and now April 26th here in 2007 to continue the testing to see if the tumor did shrink and the cancer eliminated. We will also continue to check to make sure that the cancer doesn’t start up in other parts of my body as it normally does. There is a 20% chance that I will get that cancer within the next 5 years.


Larry Lubben posted a new journal entry, "Annual Checkup - Year 8".

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Tracy (Campbell) Fettig signed Larry's Guestbook.

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Karla Cross signed Larry's Guestbook.

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Sherri Nolan signed Larry's Guestbook.

I can't believe it's been that long since that scarey day.  I'm so thankful that you are doing so AWESOME, Larry.  Four more years and your in the clear.  You are ... Read more

Susan Trosen signed Larry's Guestbook.

Larry, thank you for sharing your awesome news with us. Celebrating your milestone is a great way to celebrate your milestone. Hope to see you soon! Read more

Larry Dobrinz signed Larry's Guestbook.

GREAT NEWS!!  Celebrate and praise God!  We are so happy to hear that things are continuing in the right path.  Best wishes from Larry and Uneva Read more

Ken Zetocha signed Larry's Guestbook.

Congratulations Larry on your milestone.  Our prayers are that reach and far exceed the 12 year anniversary!  Your friends,Ken & Marie Zetocha Read more

Janine signed Larry's Guestbook.

Great news Larry!  Missed you last time out with Steve, Tami, Tom and Kevin.  Next time!!  Take care. Read more

Larry Lubben posted a new journal entry, "8 Year Anniversary".

January 25, 2014 Update- Today is the 8th anniversary of the day I found out I had eye cancer - four more years to the 12 year cancer-free milestone! Each ... Read more

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