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The picture above is from Halloween last year. He was in the hospital still undiagnosed at that point. I had come home for the day to spend Halloween with Paige. My mom was at the hospital with him. How cute he was. I look through his pictures and watch videos and his cute little personality makes me smile (and cry)! I miss him so very much! I am soo proud to be his mom!

Our little ice skater has turned into a rock star! She changed her mind right before bed Wednesday night. That left me searching Walmart yesterday for the perfect Rock Star outfit for her. She looks really cute and loves it! We had quite the morning. It started with her waking at 6AM. She walked into my room and said "mommy is it morning yet". I rolled over and replied with "No sweetie, not yet, let's get you back in bed!" I needed a bit more sleep!! I finally fell back to sleep only to awaken and look at the clock and see the big 730AM shining in my eyes. We needed to leave the house at 815A. I stumbled into the shower and quickly made my way to the kitchen to get a fruit plate together for her party today. She came out looking very sleepy wanting to watch Cartoons. (Keep in mind at this point I still had no coffee!) I turned on Halloween Cartoons and she runs in the kitchen and yells with a very grouchy voice. Mommy how come it is not Halloween! I said it is Halloween and she said but the sun is out. Obviously she thinks it has to be dark and scary to be Halloween. I got that straightened out and got her dressed, hair sprayed and we were out of the house at 820A. I wonder what everyone thought when I walked into work with 2 traveling cups of coffee in hand! She was soo excited to be a rock star and she looks really good!! I am already getting nervous for the teen years~!!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Halloween!!