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Please help spread the word about the need for federal funding for mitochondrial disease research. Send a letter to your federally elected official today! You can click on the link below. It will ask you to sign in, you simply have to put in your name and address and that will allow them to send the letter to the appropriate person. They have a letter all typed up and ready to go if you choose to use it, you just need to insert information in a few spots. Please take a few minutes to do this. This disease is a horrible disease and unless you or someone you know has this disease, nobody has ever heard of it, it is becoming all to common and it needs some serious funding to save our children. This disease could be caused by inheritance, but there are other environmental causes that can cause it as well. Could it be the food we are consuming, chemicals in the air, YES it could. That is very scary for our children's future. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

We are hanging in, getting ready for Halloween, Paige wants to be an ice skater, so that should be nice and easy. I might try and find an old pair of ice skates and take the blade off, knowing Paige though, she will not wear them and we will go in her crocs! Thanks for checking in on us and for your prayers!!!