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Today is the one year anniversary of Landon going to heaven.   Let me tell you all about my week -  I know this is long..but bare with me...

This past week I have been in one big funk.  Wednesday of this week, I did not even want to talk anyone.  All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and cry.  I was feeling pretty low. 

Thursday I heard a song that reminded me so much of Landon,it was not so much the words of the song but it was the was happy..and thats how Landon was..happy.   Gradually I  felt like there was no longer a dark cloud hanging over my head and started to be thankful for the time I was given with Landon..and started to focus on who he was and the joy that he spread. 

Thursday evening Gracie informed that a family friend Josh Medlin after a long brave fight with cancer..was being taken off life support at Johns Hopkins on Friday the 30th.  Josh's sister Lexi and Grace have been friends since 2nd grade. (Landon also loved Lexi..he used to call her "E")   Lexi asked Gracie if she could come to the hospital during this difficult time, since Gracie had lost her brother, she would understand.  Every time you have ever read Landon's caringbridge journal you have all been touched by Josh Medlin.  How is that possible?  You see, Josh age 14 and Landon age 2 were both diagnosed in 2006 with cancer.  Josh in Febuary and Landon in April.  Josh and Landon were both at Children's hosp for treatments.   I am not so computer literate, and Josh  was..he came over to Landon's room during one of the treatments and set up this web page for Landon.  Just one small act of kindess touched so many lives.  I will always be greatful.   

Friday morning, Gracie and I make our way to Hopkins..this is the first time I have been back to the hosp since Landon passed.  Oh the memories that came flooding back!  I parked at the out patient parking garage since my plan was to stop by and visit some of our nurses at clinic on the way out.  The first thing that was that Landon was not with me.  There is not a single time I was a Hopkins that Landon was not with me.  As I walked through the concourse over to the main hosp, I was not pushing a stroller, that was the first thing that was odd.  Second was the route I took..we would always have to take the elevator, instead I took the ridiculously tall escalator.  The smells, the sounds, the interior of the hosp.. all the same...but yet everything was different. 

We made our way up to the ICU where Josh was.  As his family and friends gathered to say their good byes, I felt out of place, but I felt comfortable at the same time.  Everything that they were going through, I went through just 1 year earlier..almost to the was surreal.  I felt Landon's presence and I felt like he wanted me to be there.  (God I miss that little boy! )  I hope that he was there waiting to welcome Josh on the other side.   Josh passed away at 6:30 Thursday evening.  He was such a brave young man.  He fought his battle with cancer with courage and never complaining.  Please keep the Medlin Family in your prayers.

As for the Morrill Family on October 1, 2011 we plan on celebrating Landon's life today, by releasing balloons, watching "Shark Boy and Lava Girl"  while eating 5 chicken dinosaurs.  We will probably take balloons over to the ball park and sit on Landon's bench.  Over all just focusing on what a gift he was to our  family and friends.  He was only here for such a short time but managed to tough so many hearts.  Thank you all for your continued support.   

 Hugs and love to you all!