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Today team "Green Beans" participated in the 6k run/walk for the Believe In Tomorrow House in Baltimore.  We had 10 team members that walked..ok Terry and Derek ran..Derek smoked all of us!  Thank you...Terry, Derek, Lindsey, Gracie, Jean, Freddy, Stacey, Theresa and Paula!  You guys were awesome!  Team "Green Beans" raised over $1,000!   Not bad for our first fund raiser.  Thank you to all who donated!!    I am forever grateful for the Believe in Tomorrow organization and plan to participate annually.  This years first place team had 115 team members.  Would love to have more people next year!  Please consider joining our team..and if you can't walk..please sign up to be a virtual walker..but we can talk more about that next year  :0)

Last week I watched a show on Bio channel..Beyond and Back..I think that is the name of the show?  Anway people who had after death experiences and came back to tell about!..such incredible stories!  Mostly what I took away from listening to them speak about their incredible that when we pass way.. we are at peace..we are perfect..and we are complete..we do not want for anything!  One man spoke of how it was crystal clear, how all of our material wealth meant nothing!  It was all about how we treated each other and our relationships with each other.   I think about Landon and how he must be so filled with JOY.    CANCER FREE,  at PEACE and wanting for NOTHING!  How awesome is that?!
This is what I choose to focus on when I think of Landon..I still miss him but I find comfort in knowing he is in good hands and I will see him again one day. 

I am doing well..keeping busy..still working out..and eating healthy..although today after the walk I did induldge at the Cheese Cake Factory.. back on the wagon

Take care and thank you for you support  :0)